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    Welcome to Document! X
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    Document! X is an automated authoring tool with full authoring capabilities. You can create, publish and maintain accurate, professional quality documentation for .NET, Web Services, Databases, XSD Schemas, COM Components and Type Libraries, Java and JavaScript. It takes the existing source content and automates the production of the core reference information.

    Document! X also allows you to author additional content in the existing source content in a comprehensive authoring environment. It delivers all of the benefits of automated, accurate, and comprehensive documentation without sacrificing the ability to customize, supplement, and extend the generated content.

    You can concentrate on developing help content by automatically laying out generated topics in a consistent and professional style. Its template-based approach for help development makes it easy to change and evolve the look and feel of your help project without any rework in the help content.

    When installed with HelpStudio, Document! X can import existing HTML files, HTML Help 1.x Projects, Microsoft Help 2.x Projects, RoboHelp Projects and Word Documents.

    Why Document! X

    Features and Capabilities

    Generated Output

    Output Formats

    Document! X can generate the XML and XHTML based content to:

    • Cross-platform Web Help.
    • Compiled HTML Help 1.x files.
    • Compiled Microsoft Help 2.x help files (Visual Studio 2002-2008 help format).
    • Compiled Microsoft Help Viewer help files (Visual Studio 2017, 2019 and 2022 help format).

    Document! X generates a comprehensive set of HTML files, optionally compiled into an HTML Help 1.x, Microsoft Help 2.x or Microsoft Help Viewer file which includes:

    • A full Table of Contents and Index
    • Full text search
    • F1 Context Sensitive / Visual Studio Dynamic Help support
    • Object Relationship Diagrams
    • Inheritance Trees and Language Filtered Syntax Summaries (.NET only) and much more.                   

    Standard look and feel

    The standard templates shipped with Document! X reflect the current Microsoft standard for technical documentation to provide a consistent and familiar style and layout. The templates are fully customized which includes Table of Contents, Page Type and style, and color schemes.

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