Value Added Tax

VAT must be paid by:

  • All UK residents and companies.
  • Residents and organisations in all other European Community countries who are not registered for VAT.

VAT must be charged at the rate applicable in the country of sale. For Innovasys sales, this is the UK, where the rate is 20%.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is known by the following terms in member countries of the European Community :

  • Austria: Mehrwertsteuer (Mwst)
  • Belgium: Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée (TVA)
  • Denmark: Mervaerdiafgift (Moms)
  • Finland: Arvonlisävero (ALV
  • France: Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée (TVA)
  • Germany: Mehrwertsteuer (Mwst)
  • Greece: ØIIA (FPA)
  • Ireland: Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Italy: Imposta sul Valore Aggiunto (IVA)
  • Luxembourg: Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée (TVA)
  • Netherlands: Belasting over de Toegevoegde Waarde (BTW)
  • Portugal: Imposto sobre el Valor Acrescentado (IVA)
  • Spain: Impuesto sobre el Valor Anadido (IVA)
  • Sweden: Mervärdesskatt (Moms)