Standards Based CSS Styles Support

HelpStudio includes a variety of functionality for the creation, management and application of styles. Built around powerful web standard CSS, you can apply existing styles using the Style Picker, define new style rules or inline styles using the Style Editor and edit your Stylesheets in the built in Stylesheet editor.

Creating and applying Styles using the Style Picker

This video demonstrates how to use the Style Picker to quickly and easily define and apply styles whilst you are authoring in the Topic or Content File editors (3 mins).

Managing and Editing Styles

This video provides an introduction to managing and editing styles using the built in Style Editing functionality (3 mins).

Introduction to Content Editing

This video provides an overview of the core content editing fundamentals, including using the Page Map, inserting Tables, applying formatting, defining styles and hyperlinking. (10 minutes)

Validating CSS Stylesheets

This movie demonstrates how to use the built in Stylesheet editor to validate a CSS stylesheet (2 mins).

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