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    Source Control Integration
    In This Topic

    Document! X and HelpStudio integrates with Source Control providers to provide you with Team Working and versioning features.

    Using the Source Control integration features of Document! X and HelpStudio, you can:

    What is Source Control?

    Source Control products allow you to control access to and store a history of individual files and projects. By integrating with Source Control, Document! X and HelpStudio users can collaborate in a team environment, with different users working on different parts of the project or even on individual Topics.

    Through a Source Control products version history a full history of project modifications is stored, allowing you to retrieve a previous version of a Document! X and HelpStudio project, roll the project back to a point in time and maintain a full audit of modifications made.

    There are several standard Source Control actions you can perform on the elements of a Document! X and HelpStudio project that is under Source Control.

    • Check Out
      Checking Out a Document! X and HelpStudio project item from Source Control gives you a local editable copy to work on. When you have finished making changes, you Check In the project item to Source Control to commit your changes. Whilst you have a particular project item Checked Out, no other user can make changes to it;
    • Check In
      Checking In a Document! X and HelpStudio project item to Source Control commits any changes you made since Checking Out. Once you have Checked In a project item, it is no longer editable and is available for other users to Check Out;
    • Undo Check Out
      Undo Check Out rolls back any changes you made since the last Check Out. Once you have completed an Undo Check Out on a project item, it is no longer editable and is available for other users to Check Out;
    • Get Latest Version
      Get Latest Version updates your local Document! X and HelpStudio project files with the latest versions from Source Control. Get Latest Version ensures you are up to date with any changes other users might have made to the project.


    Why would I use Source Control?

    Source Control integration enables a whole team to work on a single Document! X and HelpStudio project.

    1. One member of a development team can be working on a Stylesheet, whilst another adds new Topics;
    2. Several members can work on different Topics at the same time;
    3. A technical writer can be reviewing Topics whilst other Topics are still being worked on.
    Even in a single user environment, Source Control can provide valuable audit and version control functionality.


    Which Source Control providers are supported?

    Document! X and HelpStudio will currently integrate with the following Source Control providers:

    • Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017
    • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (Cloud Hosted Team Foundation Server)
    • Microsoft SourceSafe 6.0d
    • Subversion 1.6
    • Subversion 1.7
    • Subversion 1.8
    • Subversion 1.9
    • SourceGear Vault 4 or higher (Standard or Professional) / Fortress 2.0.4



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