HelpStudio 2021.1 Release Note

Update 21.1.1066

Released on 8/7/2021 11:43:08 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 21.1.1053 together with some enhancements.

A hover tip has been added to the search box in light templates to advise on the available search wildcards and operators
.NET see links that point to uris will now default to opening in a new window
Many sites now prevent opening content in a frameset for security reason. The result of this is a page error when trying to navigate to an external uri from output generated using the frameset based classic and light templates. This change ensures that see xml comments that link to an external uri will open correctly in a new tab.
See Also links can now have a target window identified
When creating See Also links in the Topic or Content File editors, a new "Open in window" option can be used to identify the window in which the link should open. A target attribute is also supported on .NET xml seealso comments for the same purpose - use a value of "_blank" to have links open in a new window.
The version of jQuery, jQuery UI and secondary plugin libraries in the classic and material templates have been updated to the latest compatible version
Sizing of the popup for dynamic image widget with very large full size images improved
The popup will now expand to the full page width if required (was previously constrained to a max 900px width).
Character alignment issues in acrobat viewer when viewing some PDF booklets
Script error relating to ClipboardJS appears in generated outputs using the Colorized Example Code widget

Update 21.1.1053

Released on 2/21/2021 5:38:08 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 21.1.1047.

Light template does not adapt layout correctly in mobile browsers
The light template has been enhanced to better adapt to a mobile browser form factor
Youtube widget embeds the movie using http: when content is served over https:
Updated timestamp url used by the Microsoft Help Viewer outputs (the old timestamp url has been retired)
Breadcrumbs link broken when another node references the same parent and one target is excluded by build flags

Initial Release

Released on 12/24/2020 10:11:39 AM

This update is the initial release version of 2021.1

Add dark mode support to the Light templates
If this feature is enabled (it is enabled by default, but can be disabled on the Templates page in the Build Profile Editor) the light templates will automatically adopt dark styles when running in modern browsers (e.g. Chrome, Edge (Chromium), Firefox) when Dark Mode is enabled in the operating system (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) or in the browser settings specifically (Edge). As well as all of the standard template colors and styles, the colors used by colorised code sections are dynamically adjusted to ensure they are readable in dark mode. A CSS selector prefix of "html.i-dark" can be used to define style rules that apply specifically in dark mode - should you need to adapt your custom styles to work in both light and dark modes.
Compiled help and browser help are now prevented from being built in the same build profile
Compiled help (CHM, Help 2.x and Microsoft Help Viewer) viewers internally use Internet Explorer to load and render content. The CHM viewer actually loads content in IE5 mode (now almost 20 years old) and has no support for modern javascript or CSS features. The standard Document! X and HelpStudio templates include a host of mitigations and older script versions to enable Widgets and dynamic content features to work even in these legacy contexts. The libraries leveraged by some content features ceased support for older versions of Internet Explorer some time ago and the standard templates therefore use older legacy versions specifically for compiiled help output. In previous versions of Document! X and HelpStudio, a profile that outputs both browser help and compiled help would use the older script versions in order to be compatible with CHM. The consequence of this is that the browser help output produced by such a "combined profile" would use the older script file versions which did not have the benefit of recent improvements, fixes and security mitigations. As time passes, the gap between the legacy and current script libraries has grown and in order to produce optimal browser help output it is now necessary to prevent generation of both compiled and browser help output in the same Build Profile. This restriction ensures that producing CHM output is still possible and when producing output for use in a browser the latest script libraries are used. When building any Build Profile that targets both browser and compiled help a build readiness issue will now be displayed advising to create a clone of the build profile and set one to compiled output and one to browser help output.
Updated Light templates to use latest package library versions
The Light templates now use jQuery 3.0.3 and jQuery UI 1.12.1 when targeting browser help output. When building CHM output, legacy versions of package libraries are automatically used as the Microsoft CHM Viewer runs in an Internet Explorer 5 context.
The "Find what" term is now highlighted when the find and replace dialog is shown
Collapsible headings always appear at the bottom of the In This Topic list and not in the actual order in the document
Exception when checking in to source control with multiple Content Files open
Improved french translation for "Highlight search terms" phrase in browser help templates
When applying an inline style to a table column, the style is only applied to the first cell in the column
font and u tags incorrectly applied to links when cutting / copying content if selection is applied from end to start
Element removed when creating a bullet or numbered list with the cursor in an inline element
Words containing an accent character are not highlighted when navigating from search results
In This Topic Widget does not use the standard template phrase ($$In_This_Topic$$) by default
Added search operator tip text (advising that AND and OR can be used) below input box on search page in Light browser help output
Cannot scroll to the end of long content in the "Topic name" field on the CHM link page in the Link Designer
Exception when editing the master.html page type
Error when creating a new template if the name field is left blank
Alias filenames used even if the option disabled in Build Profile when building a CHM output if a previous short filename mapping file exists