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HelpStudio 2015.2 Release Note

Update 15.2.71

Released on 7/7/2016 11:37:20 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 15.2.68.

Responsive output sometime shows blank until page refreshes on Android and Chrome browsers

Update 15.2.68

Released on 4/13/2016 7:07:40 PM

This update contains a revised digital signature to prevent SmartScreen errors when installing

Update 15.2.63

Released on 1/7/2016 9:06:45 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 15.2.51 together with some enhancements.

Image Capture includes additional area (drop shadows) when capturing on Windows 8 and Windows 10
\"Content from Web Page\" topics and widgets now support relative paths (relative to the project directory)
Project Find and Replace, Link Check and Spell Check will now show a warning box if opened with a Locale different to the current Locale
As these tools use the Locale that is active when they are opened it was previously possible to inadvertently run these tools in a different Locale to the current one (i.e. Open Find and Replace when the Locale was set to the Primary Locale, change to a secondary Locale and then come back and run Find and Replace). The warning box identifies that the Locale the tool will use is different from the currently active locale.
Document! X has now completed the Microsoft tests for Windows 10 Certification
Exception when right clicking on a missing image in the Topic Editor
When capturing the Active Window using Image Capture, the title bar and border are always included even if the \"Do not include the window title bar and border\" option is ticked
Image reported as unused by the \"Find Unused Images\" tool when used only in a Content Snippet
Exception when creating a new project if the target project could not be created in the selected path
Intermittent exception during import
Find Unused Images tool was previously only checking the current Build Profile. All Profiles are now checked.
Intermittent exception during import when running in 64bit version

Update 15.2.51

Released on 10/29/2015 12:59:53 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 15.2.49.

Exception when using Source Control with a Content File Editor window open

Update 15.2.49

Released on 10/16/2015 1:03:12 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 15.2.33 together with some enhancements.

Search results in web output are now always visible if highlight search results option ticked, even if contained in a Drop Down section or Collapsible Heading Widget
Automatically constrain the size of the dynamic image widget overlay to the available window size
Will now prompt for a custom caption when creating a new Toc Heading node
Exceptions reported from the Build Results window (or other \"Report Error\" buttons) will no longer cause the application to terminate
Source Control Errors when deleting and then immediately adding back images from the same location
Exception when choosing a character from the extended character sets on the Insert Symbol dialog
Property value used in Booklet Title not expanded (in Adobe Reader title bar) in generated PDF booklet
After dragging and dropping Table of Contents nodes, the order of the dropped nodes is sometimes reversed
Images are not refreshed in an open Topic or Content File editor when updated or replaced on disk
"Remove Unused Images" tool identifies images used in a Content File with localization disabled and primary locale excluded
Nested Content Snippet are not shown when the nested snippet is already present elsewhere on the page
CHM prompts to download first script file if an invalid (removed or excluded) Default Topic is defined in the Build Profile
WidgetContentFromFile topic in the online help contained a typo
Heading numbers duplicated when there are child topics and numbered headings for a given Topic in a PDF Booklet
Exception when answering No to Source Control checkout prompt when creating a new Content Snippet
Additional elements inserted into page content when indenting / outdenting certain bullet or numbered list items
Link Designer dialog does not show topic bookmarks with just the id attribute set
"Collapse All" and "Expand All" missing translations in Italian phrase table
Build exception if a Topic contains an Include Topic widget with a missing source property
Exception when using "Where is this used" functionality in a project that generates very long filenames
Help 2.x heading ToC nodes not imported (i.e. nodes that don't reference a url)
When building a CHM output, the Html Help Compiler fails if Topic or reference documentation items contain non ASCII characters
The Microsoft Html Help Compiler used to create CHM outputs does not support unicode and throws an error if a content filename contains non ASCII characters (such as umlauts). This change attempts to work around this limitation by substituting such characters in the output filenames.
New Topics don't get added to the Topic Category that is selected on the Project Explorer
Custom port value for an FTP publishing target is not saved
Exception when publishing web help if the build output directory is set to the \\build project sub-directory root
Exception when importing from a Help 2.x project with pages containing unclosed MSHelp attributes in the Xml island
Error 500 - Fail on Install when registering a Microsoft Help Viewer output
Search term not highlighted when using full text search in web output on local drive rather than web server
Exception when importing from a Help 2.x project with a malformed Xml island
Build error when building a PDF Booklet in a project containing ToC nodes that point to word or excel documents (or other file types) added as Other Files
Source Control Get Latest or Checkouts performed externally whilst a project was open could result in subsequent changes being overwritten
Broken links after importing from a Help 2.x project (.HxC file)
A newly created bookmark is not available as the target for a new table of contents node, hyperlink or See Also link
Added a more useful error message if the Microsoft Help Viewer signing process fails (usually caused by lack of internet connectivity)
Removed non functional Twitter widgets in the Internet Feed Widget Pack and replaced with a new Twitter Widget
Changes in the Twitter API rendered the previous Twitter Search Feed and Twitter User Feed Widgets non functional. They have now been removed and replaced with a single Twitter Widget in the main Widget list that uses the new Twitter Widget mechanism which is fully supported by Twitter.

Update 15.2.33

Released on 9/4/2015 2:56:30 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 15.2.28.

PDF Booklet output only part of the page if Windows DPI set to > 100% on Windows 8 or higher
Search box in Ribbon title bar is not finding results in Project Settings and Project Profile Editors
Images not automatically imported when importing from external sources (Html Help, Word, Html Files)

Update 15.2.28

Released on 8/12/2015 4:01:14 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 15.2.27.

Update 15.2.27

Released on 8/6/2015 12:20:11 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since initial release.

Initial release version

Released on 8/5/2015 6:00:04 PM

Initial release version

Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015 Support
Support for Team Foundation Support and connecting to Team Foundation Server 2012-2015 from a machine with only Visual Studio 2015 installed.
Execute external programs/scripts or show messages when building a saved Build Configuration
Build Configuration Event Actions allow you to define actions you want to perform when building a particular saved Build Configuration. Actions can be executed before or after the Build or Publishing operations. Actions can invoke an external program or script, or show/log a custom build message.
Added 2 new Table of Contents node types that automatically populate the ToC based on Topic Category/Topics
The new \"All Topics Categories\" Table of Contents node will automatically generate a Table of Contents structure at build time based on the Topic Category / Topic structure on the Project Explorer. A new \"Topic Category\" node type will do the same but just for a specific Topic Category. These new node types will save time and effort in arranging the Table of Contents if your Project Explorer already reflects the structure you would like to see on the Table of Contents.
Integration with cloud based discussion/community services (Disqus/Facebook/Solidopinion/Livefyre)
It is now possible to enable Community Features in the generated output using one of several third party cloud based Community/Discussion services. Community Features allow you to create a community around the content that you author with Document! X and HelpStudio by allowing your end users to post feedback and threaded comments. Integrating with the established best of breed Community/Discussion services in this way enables you to choose the service that makes the most sense for your particular scenario. Community Features are enabled using the Community Features page in the Project Profile Editor, are supported throughout the standard templates and are visible when you are authoring.
The name of the browser help root page (default webframe.html) can now be customized in the Build Profile Editor
Updated docs to include deployment information for Microsoft Help Viewer
Added information to the online help on how to link to locally installed Microsoft Help Viewer content in Visual Studio 2012 and 2013
Added Sort command to Project Explorer context menu for the Topics node to sort Topic Categories
The command is visible if the project or selected Topic Category contains > 1 Topic Category. This command makes it easier to keep large Topic Category lists organized.
New Option to automatically include a link to view Browser Help content with navigation tools when a content page is opened directly
A new 'Include a View with Navigation Tools link if a content page is opened without Browser Help Navigation Tools' option has been added to the 'Browser Help' page in the Build Profile editor. This new option will cause generated content pages to automatically show a link in the page header that will navigate to the same page but with full navigation tools (i.e. webframe.html#pagename.html) if the content page is opened directly. This is particularly useful for public content that is indexed by search engines - as users will often navigate from search results to the content page without the navigation tools.
Enhanced short filename generation options including saving mappings between builds, prefix replace and regex find and replace
Additional Short filename generation options have been added to Project Settings to enhance this important area of functionality. It is now possible to save the generated filenames between builds so that the same filename will always be generated for a given item. There are also additional options to shorten / transform the default generated filenames using a regular expression find and replace, or by removing a common file prefix. Shortening can now also be restricted to those filenames that would otherwise exceed a particular length (e.g. the windows path and filename length limitation of 260).
Document! X and HelpStudio now support Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit) as an installation platform
Images that are only used in a secondary locale were being reported as unused by the \"Remove Unused Images\" tool
Import from HHP / CHM fails if the HHC or HHK contains invalid Html (unencoded quotes)
Importing interlinked html files from a sub-directory of the project directory results in broken links in the imported Topics