Document! X 2018.1 Release Note

Update 18.1.70

Released on 1/4/2019 6:00:24 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since 18.1.48.

The Topic List now inherits any custom column visibility and order when expanding child Topic Categories
Improved the behavior of the Topic List when working with Source Controlled projects
The Topic list can now be freely explored and commands on the toolbar used when the project is checked in. Any commands that require the project be checked out will show a prompt to do so. Topics and Topic Categories are now correctly protected from edit when not checked out, and the Source Control banner applies to the currently selected row so individual Topics can be easily checked out in order to make changes.
In SOAP Web Service documentation, request and response parameter summaries now automatically default to any description from the related Xsd Schema elements
Previously it was necessary to specifically describe the parameters of requests and responses in SOAP web service documentation. Document! X will now look for any summary content defined against the related Xsd Schema elements for the request/response type and will use them if a specific parameter description is not defined.\r\n\r\nSummary descriptions from the Xsd Schema are also now shown in the Overview tree beneath the Request and Response sections at design time - previously these were only shown when building the generated output.
A new option has been added to Java projects to allow the encoding of source files to be specified
By default, the encoding now defaults to UTF-8 but can be overriden in the Java project properties if required.
Is New Highlighting support has been added to the Light templates
New Topics are highlighted with the text \"New\" on the Table of Contents and beside the Page Title. The default \"New\" highlight text can be customised on the Properties Page in the Build Profile editor.
Added a Template Style for the Page Header Text style rule to the Light Templates
Right clicking on the Page Header in the Topic Editor will show an option to override the Page Header Text style as well as the Page Header Content for the header background.
NullReferenceException when closing multiple Topic Editor tabs
When Shortened Alias Filenames option enabled, any ToC url nodes linking to a url that looks like \"topicXXX.html\" will be incorrectly replaced with an alias
Exception when documenting a database
Exception when building a project that contains child ToC nodes beneath a \"Booklet Table of Contents\" node (this node type does not support child nodes)
This scenario is only possible when changing the type of an existing node to \"Booklet Table of Contents\" - i.e. the editor prevents routine creation of invalid child nodes beneath the \"Booklet Table of Contents\" node.
Newly added Image Files are not getting checked into Source Control after using Drag and Drop to move images on the Project Explorer
Unused images tool was reporting an image unused if it is only used as the logo image on the branding page in the Build Profile Editor
Link in the Build Results to open the built Microsoft Help Viewer compiled help does not work if the locale for MSHV in the Build Profile Editor is not English (United States)
Disqus pages in the Community Features section in the online help were out of step with the latest Disqus setup pages
Command line build hanging if \"Generate Aliased Filenames\" used with the saved mappings option in a Source Controlled project
In the Light templates, a horizontal scroll bar was being shown on the Toc when item captions must be wrapped due to limited space
Improved the alignment of note/tip/caution box icons
Adding a bookmark with content selected erases the selected text
The behaviour has been changed to collapse the selection before inserting the new bookmark
It is sometimes possible to create duplicate Scraps and Phrases in the Template editor
Exception when creation of a new Stylesheet is cancelled on the Create Style Rule dialog in a Source Controlled project
In Source Controlled projects, moving newly added images using Project Explorer drag and drop shows warnings and does not complete
The pending addition of the newly added image files was not being completed before the move operation was executed.
System.IO.IOException when saving to a thumbnail that is locked for write
A more friendly error message is now displayed advising that the file was not writable.
Warnings when building documentation for a SQL Server 2016 or later database
Dynamic Spell Check causes broken images when moving images using drag and drop in the Project Explorer
In this Topic links can scroll too far so that the target heading is out of view
Breadcrumbs in Material Template causes horizontal scroll bar for .NET overloads with long parameter lists
Localised captions on custom Table of Contents nodes in a Booklet profile not correctly saved
Collection child item type not shown on object model diagrams in COM documentation
Properties of a collection type were not showing the child member type on the diagram if the \"Item\" indexer was a method rather than a property in the type library.
.NET members incorrectly excluded from the ToC if a filter rule references the parent assembly name

Initial Release (2018.1.48)

Released on 8/20/2018 3:11:00 PM

Initial release of Document! X 2018.1

The Configuration Data folder can now be customized to support OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox etc. integration
The folder in which Templates, Content Item Types and other application Configuration Data is stored can now be customized on the Paths page in the Options editor. This feature will allow Configuration Data to be stored in a folder that is synchronized with a cloud storage provider such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox etc. This functionality can be thereby leveraged to back up and synchronize your Configuration Data and also to keep your Configuration Data synchronized between multiple users working within a team environment.
Web services that use a definition uri protected by basic or NTLM authentication are now supported
New authentication properties are available on the Web Service properties dialog when adding or modifying a web service.
Editions and Versions
The new Editions and Versions functionality helps you to publish multiple variations of your Browser Help output and allows the end users of your Browser Help outputs to switch between the different Editions and/or Versions you have published.
Build Profiles can now be re-ordered on the Project Explorer so that they appear in the desired logical order
Recent Items on Project Quick Start
A list of Recently accessed Project Items (e.g. Topics, Images, Stylesheets etc.) is now shown on the Project Quick Start page shown by default when you open a Project; providing a quick and easy way to pick up working on items from your last session.
Every Topic Status now has a unique indicator icon on the Project Explorer
It is now possible to re-order (move up and down) Build Flags in the Project Explorer
Tooltips added to the Mini toolbar buttons on the Content Editor Context Menu
Invalid Schema Page Title in a Project with multiple Databases containing the same Schema
Resizing the Table of Contents in Light Template output broken after showing a popup
Script Error when using the Comment Editor in Visual Studio 2012 or 2013