Document! X 2014.1 Release Note

Update 14.1.44

Released on 11/3/2014 2:21:41 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 14.1.36.

Source not documented for XSD Schemas referenced from Web Services
Web Service documentation from a swagger definition was not picking up some items introduced in swagger v1.2
Documentation from a swagger definition is now fully compatible with the 1.2 spec. Resolution and documentation of response and parameter array and list types has also been improved to show the array/list member type.
Exception when documenting a swagger web service using enum values in swagger json schema definition items value
Links in .NET projects to MSDN in web output no longer function as Microsoft have blocked frame embedding
Microsoft recently added a setting to MSDN served web pages that prevents them from being embedded in an HTML frameset. This fix will detect navigation to MSDN links when running in a frameset and will open in a new browser window instead of the frame if necessary.
Exception when opening a Document! X 5 / 2008 project containing See Also links with missing targets
Exception when editing or building a Web Service documentation project where sorting has been disabled in the Operation List
By default, the operation list in Web Service documentation is sorted alphabetically. This can be disabled in a custom template by changing the filter attribute on the DXMETADATA element for the operation list to sorted=false. This fix prevents an exception that happened when sorted=false was set.
Browser Help search hangs at "Searching" for some Japanese content if "Enable additional word break analysis" option is enabled in the Locale Editor
Exception when using a custom .NET template where a standard page type has had all Item Type associations removed
Exception during build of a .NET documentation project
Project not automatically checked out when pasting new images into a Topic from the clipboard
Exception when pressing Find hotkey when a Topic edit window is closing
Exception when documenting a web service containing message parts that directly reference global schema elements
Unexpected template change and error message appear when editing a Page Type in a custom template
Success responses in swagger 1.2 web service docs documented as fault responses
Exception when undoing immediately following a "Convert table row to header" operation
Exception after inserting a widget into a Topic
Exception when building a project containing Glossary items using a custom template created in 2013.1
Subversion Get Latest Version operation does not fetch directories that were not in subversion when the local working copy was created
Exception when executing redo after table edit operations

Update 14.1.36

Released on 7/1/2014 6:04:33 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 14.1.24 together with some enhancements.

C# pointer types used in unsafe code are now supported
A new "Check in after action completes" option has been added to the Check Out prompt shown when creating a new Topic
Exception on Undo Check Out in a project containing a Content File and an AutoDoc File with the same filename
Exception starting the application if a window layout configuration file is corrupt
Exception adding a word to the ignore list from the Topic Editor Context Menu
Incorrect message text when changing a Topic Name in an edit dialog and selecting a Topic Name that already exists
Link checker reporting links to nested classes as broken links
Applying a style to multiple paragraphs creates a span in the final paragraph if content ends with an empty paragraph
Exception when building a project containing an Include Topic widget with a missing source property
Exception when using "Where is this used?" command on a file that hasn't been included in the project
Exception when opening Microsoft Help Viewer from Build Results window if Microsoft Help Viewer not installed
"All Content From" set on a COM or .NET type not copying parameter descriptions for same named methods
All Content From has been enhanced to copy across parameter content as well as member content when applied to a .NET or COM Type.
Intermittent exception when executing a Project Search operation
Workspace user mismatch error displayed incorrectly when using Visual Studio Online for TFS
Exception when running a Project Find and Replace operation
Relationship diagrams incomplete for collection types in COM Documentation
Exception when deleting several Topic Categories if the "Uncategorized" Topic Category is also selected
Exception building a project using a custom template where a page type contains an invalid metadata element
Intermittent exception at startup when launching multiple 64bit instances
Dynamic Image widget doesn't expand full image if source html contains widget property on separate line
Exception during build
Wrapping DIVs are created beneath list items when converting several elements to a bullet or numbered list
Any styles or classes applied to the selected elements are now applied to the list items directly instead of creating wrapping divs.
Exception using Ctrl+Z to undo in a very long topic
In web output, toc selection jumps to a previous instance of a page that is contained multiple times in the Toc
Exception during build if missing .NET dependency assembly
Exception when hovering over help hub button whilst a form is closing
Topic deleted when using Subversion on a recently updated project
Message parameter data type invalid in parameters table for SOAP web service documentation
Exception when documenting an assembly using an attribute with a 64bit enum property

Update 14.1.24

Released on 4/3/2014 2:03:38 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 14.1.23.

Exception during automatic template upgrade of a custom booklet template
Exception during build if an In This Topic widget has an empty prefix property
Exception during build if a Widget found with an empty thumbnailurl property

Update 14.1.23

Released on 4/2/2014 4:37:29 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 14.1.21.

Collapse / expand and other images defined in template css not visible in MSHV 1 (VS 2010)
Exception at startup if subversion integration feature disabled during setup

Update 14.1.21

Released on 4/1/2014 2:39:59 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 14.1.9 together with some enhancements.

It is now possible to sort the database column list by name
Specify "sorted=true" in the filter attribute on the FILTERED_ITEM_LIST element in the page type to enable sorting.
Support for the Swagger Web Service definition format v1.2
Added a new Source Control Provider for Subversion 1.8
Exception when clicking OK on the property value editor dialog when the content is empty
Build Configuration Name is not recognized when building from TFS activity
This problem was caused by quotes being passed into the Tfs Activity from a variable set in the workflow. Quotes are now stripped from the argument values.
Applying styles to more than one paragraph can result in child span elements being inserted
The link to open Dexplore to view a Help 2.x output in the build results window does not work in the 64bit version of Document! X and HelpStudio
Dynamic Image widget doesn't work in 2012 Style Templates if the image filename contains a space
Improved detection of $$..$$ phrase / glossary references
Previously, if 2 instances of $$ characters were used in content, the content between was always assumed to be a glossary / phrase reference. This could result in large chunks of content being missing from the generated output if the $$ characters were not actually glossary / phrase references. Where there is literal text "$$" it should be encoded as /$/$, but this change will make it less likely that any unencoded instances are misdetected as glossary / phrase references.
Made significant performance improvements to the Subversion source control integration
All source control operations are improved, but particularly Check Out, Check In and Add which for large projects will likely see a very significant improvement in performance.
Exception after setting the Public Uri to an invalid uri in Web Service Properties
Cursor stuck after "Convert to Row Header" operation on a Table
Exception when project left open during a Team Foundation Server Get Latest operation in Visual Studio
Exception when building a web service documentation project if the Endpoint Url field is left empty
Exception when clicking the "Insert Metadata" button when editing a scrap in a Browser Help Template
Build flags applied to table cells when using the 2008 style template are not highlighted
Exception creating a new project based on a custom project type with multiple locales
Attributes in C#, CPP and CPP/CLI syntax now have the "Attribute" suffix removed, to reflect the convention in code
Exception after creating a new Phrase in a template with a blank name
If a Web Service operation contains both Request and Response Xsd diagrams, the links in the second diagram are incorrectly placed
Caption for Check for Updates" changed to include the product name so it is recognizable on Windows 8 Start Menu
New option added to enable additional word break analysis for DBCS content
A new option has been added to the locale editor to enable additional word break analysis to be performed when generating the Browser Help Full Text Search for a specific locale. This option is useful for double byte character sets such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean as it enables the detection of word boundaries that would not otherwise be found (e.g. Hiragana and Katakana for Japanese content).
Exception after creating a new Scrap in a template with an empty name
Cannot drop down combo boxes in AutoDoc rule designer with some Content Item Types selected
When a flag Content Item Type was selected in the AutoDoc editor, the rule drop down boxes would not drop down as focus was immediately being reset to the Content Item Type designer.
Project not marked as dirty when adding a rule or changing a build flag rule
Error using the clipboard whilst selecting the target filename for an image pasted from the clipboard
Changing rule name or adding a new rule in the AutoDoc editor doesn't set dirty flag
Task Bar icon jump list not updated for projects opened with 64bit exe
Ajax Components project is missing link to class members when using 2012 Style Template
Accordion in browser help output does not resize (sometimes) in IE11

Update 14.1.9

Released on 1/31/2014 12:10:09 AM

Initial Release

Integration with Visual Studio 2013
Support for Team Foundation Server 2013
Support for creating and registering MSHV 2.1 (Visual Studio 2013) output
A specific error is now thrown during the build process if one or more generated files exceed the windows path and filename limitations
Exception when navigating to an item in a secondary locale if localization is disabled in the Content File properties
Exception when adding a new Web Service with an invalid uri
The uri is now validated as a valid absolute uri on the Web Service Properties dialog
Exception when using Undo or Redo in the 64bit version if IE11 is installed
Pasted content sometimes truncated when cut/copy text using a double byte character set (e.g. Japanese)
Tab title doesn't update when navigating through content in MSHV 2.0 or 2.1
A bug in Microsoft Help Viewer 2.0 and 2.1 is triggered by any css url() relative references (e.g. background images). These references are already replaced with MSHV specific references in a second stylesheet in the standard templates, but the original references still trigger the bug. This fix automatically comments out any url() references in regular stylesheets during the build process in order to avoid the Help Viewer bug.
Tooltips for recent file entries on app menu show with a file:/// prefix
Exception when using Undo / Redo functionality if IE11 installed
Pressing Ctrl+N in the Topic Editor was incorrectly opening an Internet Explorer window
Support for documenting a Web API Web Service from the ASP.NET Web Api Help Pages
Added basic support for new HTML5 tags to the Topic and Content File editors
Locate assembly dialog is shown off screen if the main Document! X window is minimized
Exception when adding an XSD Schema and pointing to an invalid schema file
Cannot use the "Exclude from Toc" content item on XSD Schemas
The Exclude from Toc flag was not visible for XSD Schemas in the Content File Editor. This flag is particularly useful for web services, where it might not be desirable to show certain XSD Schemas on the Table of Contents tree.
Widget icon shown as missing after copy/pasting a widget with IE11 installed
Taskbar hidden beneath Document! X window if set to auto-hide on Windows 8
Placeholder content left behind when inserting a Widget at some positions in content
Properties page in Build Profile editor not showing correct editor UI for color, date properties
Navigation buttons don't work for constructors when stepping through the undocumented items list
Web Service Sample data formatted incorrectly if it contains % characters
Microsoft HTML Help Compiler crashes when building from a path containing ".h"
Exception when editing an existing keyword after deleting text for a new keyword
Internet Explorer shows insecure content message when viewing responsive tablet or mobile output
The Widget Editor for Mini Toc Widget was showing invalid "ViewModel" message in the editor
Note that the only aspects of the Mini Toc widget that are customizable are the hotkey and caption - the format of the html generated is static. The style can be fully customized by defining custom style rules for the mini toc list.
Visual Studio Integration option not available when installing evaluation version with VS 2013 installed
Incorrect position of inheritance info text in event data table in standard .NET templates
Javascript ToC with sorted=false set only outputs the first item
Empty Visual Basic tab when both Visual Basic syntax options unticked
Build Flag values still exist against items after a Build Flag is deleted from the project
Topic Category is not moved to correct location after a move up or move down operation
Exception when adding a web service and leaving the Endpoint Url field blank
The Task Editor note box does not accept carriage returns and does not wrap
The notes box now accept carriage returns and will grow in height with longer content, making longer notes easier to create and read.
Topic Title doesn't automatically update when changing the Topic Name after reloading a project
Scroll bar position was not reset when switching pages in the Build Profile editor
Find dialog (without replace options) shows "Find and Replace" in the title
Exception when building documentation for an XSD Schema with empty annotation elements
Exception when building a project containing a Web Service with sample data containing just a line break
Exception building a project that originates from an earlier version of Document! X and HelpStudio with one or more Topics with names containing invalid characters
Whitespace removed from between 2 tags in xml comments in generated documentation
Filter attribute not used when using the <inheritdoc/> xml comment
Dragging and dropping content from a Note Box widget results in some corrupt wrapping HTML
Exception when deleting lists or list content on a machine running IE10
Wrong element dragged on Page Map and Undo only partially reverses drag if IE11 installed
Build progress still shows in taskbar icon if an error is thrown during build process
Html sometimes contains widget design html when dynamic spell check is enabled
Cannot Cut a table using the Page Map
New Project dialog in Visual Studio resizes beyond the screen boundary
For very long lists of assemblies. Use attached repro project
Build flags applied to Repeating ToC nodes in a custom ToC layout are not applied during output
Script Error from Start Page if Internet Content enabled on a machine running IE11
Exception when saving a project that was added to Source Control with no Topics
Items not correctly excluded from output by "Exclude from online" or "Exclude from booklet" build flags if filter kind is set to "Exclusion"
Absolute resource paths incorrect if trailing slash not included in public uri for web service
Obscure exception when an Xsd file selected but "infer from xml file" selected in error on Xsd Properties
Project still refers to the original location of Autodoc files when using Save As
Applying a style to multiple paragraphs inserts extra paragraphs
Depending on the selection point it can be difficult to drag and drop an element on the Page Map to before the first element