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Document! X 2013.1 Release Note

Update 13.1.88

Released on 11/4/2013 10:53:35 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 13.1.87.

Installation blocked for some versions Windows 8.1

Update 13.1.87

Released on 11/4/2013 1:37:59 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 13.1.77.

New Web Service dialog shows a validation error when typing in the Uri field if the Public Uri field is empty
Exception loading a web service that references an XSD with Unique Particle Attribution warnings
Improved handling of WSDL service operations with multiple message parts
For WSDL services, request and response parts are now always listed in a parameter table under the request/response. For requests and responses with a single part that is a complex type or element, an overview diagram and table is also included.

Update 13.1.77

Released on 9/13/2013 9:47:05 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 13.1.72 together with some enhancements.

Added an option to disable the default shortcut keys for style headings
On some language keyboards, these default shortcuts clash with Ctrl+Gr+1 - Ctrl+Gr+2 key combinations so they can now be disabled. They are disabled by default if the application is started when running with a German, French or Estonian keyboard layout.
Exception building content containing an empty colorized example code widget
Broken link in Microsoft Help Viewer 1.1 from a nested class overview page to the members page
Exception building secondary locale web output
Whitespace being stripped from .NET XML source comments that contain a html tag followed by a paramref
Content Snippets (and Include Topic Widgets) show the source name as an id and not a readable topic name in source edit view
Ellipsis not displayed in properties editor for html properties
"Locate in Table of Contents" command disabled on Project Explorer context menu
Edit Metadata Properties dialog Scrap empty for filtered item lists
Where is this used? command doesn't work from topic document tab drop down
Double click on scrollbar in hyperlink dialog closes the dialog and inserts the link
Resolve assembly location dialog has a blank space where the assembly name should be when displayed during Content File open
Links in java exception or permission descriptions are broken in generated output

Update 13.1.72

Released on 9/10/2013 1:13:26 AM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 13.1.64.

Exception during build if an assembly containing a custom attribute type cannot be resolved
A spelling word ignored on the Project Explorer still shows as a spelling error in the Topic Editor
Exception adding a WSDL Web Service which doesn't correctly identify the SOAP encoding schema location
Adding an Other File to a custom template with a project open adds it to the project instead
Exception during the build if a referenced .NET assembly raises a security exception when Document! X queries for attributes
Fixed support for Text Popups in Html help 1.x output
Also added a tip to the Format page in the Build Profile editor (and a page to the help) describing the steps necessary to use Text Popups.
The item type portion of the page title in COM documentation is not localized
Non scrolling footer occupies remaining height on .NET constructor pages (2008 template only)
Triggers defined against views not included in Sql Server database documentation
Target field on Link Designer not populated with the current value when editing an existing link
Exception when showing a nested Paste Special dialog
Using Paste Special from the Paste Special dialog will now not show a second dialog, but will execute a Paste Special using the last selected options.
Exception building documentation for an XSD schema containing a reference to attributes in the xml xsd
Can't add an image to a template if that image already exists in a project that is open
It was possible to rename the (un-categorized) topic category
Incorrect example code formatting in MSHV 1.1 output
Line breaks in example code being removed in the MSHV 1.1 viewer
Project explorer scrolls to last selected item when clicking in an empty area
Changed JQueryUI widget options field syntax to show get & set operations
Style rule with a border of "none" shows as 3 pixel border in style preview
Exception when opening a content file containing duplicated members (where a content file has been manually copy/pasted from 2 content files)
Exception opening a project containing a corrupt Topic Keyword

Update 13.1.64

Released on 8/24/2013 12:33:47 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 13.1.54.

Exception adding a WSDL file to a project
Parameter details syntax missing for jquery plugin methods with no options
Error loading WCF web service that contains a Microsoft serialization schema
Exception building COM output when Document! X is generating See Also links
Cursor position disappears and document scrolls to top when deleting table row using the Page Map
Improved performance when building a project with Syntax Section Colorization enabled
Exception confirming new javascript library dialog with some javascript
Exception actioning last item in a Project Find & Replace or Project Spell Check
Exception as build time when checking javascript syntax on namespace pages in an item property rule
Exception during a build after previously cancelling an in progress build
Right hand pane in the javascript library dialog is now clickable (instead of just the text)
New Topics and Topic Categories added via the context menu in the Project Explorer are add to the root

Update 13.1.54

Released on 8/2/2013 3:26:55 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 13.1.38.

Source comments for javascript constructors not being included in documentation
Creating a link to a bookmark in the same Topic was including the topic name as well as the bookmark name
Help hub appears in wrong location if Tablet PC settings set to "right handed" on Touch PC
Exception getting custom .NET attributes during the build process
NullRef adding a WSDL webservice that contains operations with no output message
ToC in web output not syncing after manually collapsing parent node
Empty message box testing links in the link checker
The button previously captioned test has now been changed to "Open" to reflect it's actual behavior. It will now open the selected link target, either by opening a browser window for urls external to the project, or by opening the target item (topic or reference documentation item).
Inheritance hierarchy incorrect for types with 10 or more generic arguments
Exception when loading the Topic editor if a project stylesheet contains the !important attribute suffix
Navigation buttons in web output not functioning if selected ToC node is just a heading
Added some more information to the build warning if not running as Administrator when building MSHV outupt
Registering MSHV output as part of the build requires the client to be with Administrator privileges. The build warning displayed at the end of the build not includes this information.
VS freezes when checking in a code file with the comment editor open
Added support for @desc jsdoc tag
Link to view built Microsoft Help Viewer content in Visual Studio 2010 shown when Visual Studio 2010 is not installed
If Sql Server 2012 Management Tools are installed locally (or another product that uses the Visual Studio 2010 shell), Document! X / HelpStudio were incorrectly registering and showing a link to view content in the Visual Studio 2010 Help Viewer.
Syntax Colorization not enabled by default in new projects (COM, Java) or Build Profiles (COM, Java, .NET)
Visual Studio freezes when attempting to display a Document! X error messagebox
Exception adding Webservice from a WSDL file if the WSDL contains multiple endpoints
Exception when clicking on a Dynamic Image widget in preview
ArgumentNullException during build
JQuery plugin methods not showing parameters in usage syntax
Check for Updates does not work when launched from 64bit version

Update 13.1.38

Released on 7/30/2013 6:55:04 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 13.1.25 together with some enhancements.

Project Search
A new Project Search tool has been added to allow powerful searches to be created using the same Rules Engine present in the Build Profile editor. Searches can be saved (appearing under a new Saved Searches node on the Project Explorer) so that they can be modified or re-run in the future.
Added option to automatically add an "In this Topic" widget to each Topic
This option is available on the "Topic Settings" page in the Build Profile editor, when enabled it will automatically add the widget to each Topic in the generated output
Added an "Open Link Target" context menu item in the content editors
This is a more discoverable alternative to the Ctrl+Click method to navigate to the target of a link.
Added "Show in Windows Explorer" option to context menu for Other Files and Folders
"Where is this used?" command for Topics, Build Flags, Images and Other Files
A new "Where is this used?" command has been added to the context menu on the Project Explorer for Topics, Build Flags, Images and Other Files. This command will create and execute a Project Search that will identify where the item has been used throughout the project. The created Project Search can be refined and saved for future re-use.
Added a .NET option to automatically get content from the base member if none available for override
This new option is effectively an automatic "Content From" or for overrides that don't have specific content. The option is disabled by default in existing projects, but you can enable it on the ".NET Source Comments" page in the Build Profile Editor.
It is now possible to use the Find tool in a Topic that is read only
Added an option to include javascript parameters in generated usage syntax
This option can be found on the Javascript Settings page in the Build Profile editor
Added information on the help outlining content re-use techniques for reference content
Taskbar progress still showing after undocumented items search completes
Exception when building if a specific .NET attribute rule has been defined

Update 13.1.25

Released on 7/22/2013 2:42:17 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 13.1.21.

Document! X hangs if exception caused by a custom javascript constructor
Exception trying to add a WSDL web service that contains specific fault message types
Context menu missing formatting or spelling commands after recent update to IE10 on Windows 8
Exception getting custom attributes in .NET generated output

Update 13.1.21

Released on 7/3/2013 5:05:52 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 13.1.19.

Warning displayed during setup when copying web service example Content File
Problems documenting SQL server databases from some machines

Update 13.1.19

Released on 7/2/2013 5:23:24 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 13.1.12 together with some enhancements.

Improved the level of diagnostic detail included in the build log in the event of an exception
Added support for JSDoc typed array comments
Javascript inherited fields are now shown on interface overview page
Improved the Tfs connection UI in Source Control options
A browse button has been added for the TFS 2010/2012 provider to show the Visual Studio browse dialog for selecting the server to use. The editor for the server url is now a drop down showing a list of locally registered servers so you don't have to remember the exact server uri anymore.
Improved link click functionality in design and preview to allow easy navigation between project items
Ctrl+Click now works in design and preview modes across all content editors (topic, content file and glossary). Internet links will open in a browser, topic links will open the target topic and Document! X reference documentation item links will open the content file and select the appropriate item.
Improved exception reporting in the build log for some edge case scenarios involving assembly load failure
Improved functionality of the style picker, in particular when working in the Content File editor with empty sections
Improved support for SQL 2012
Support for SQL 2012 has been improved, and specific exceptions associated with documenting SQL 2012 databases should no longer fire.
Improved Image Picker open performance for folders containing very large numbers of images
Copy Code Button doesn't work for example code widgets in drop down sections
OK button enabled in the javascript library dialog after loading script files with errors
jQuery widget comments being displayed in derived members
Element ref to an element contained in another schema with null targetNamespace not found
In a project containing multiple schemas, if one schema references an element (or type) in another schema, but the target schema has a blank targetNamespace, Document! X was not resolving the target element or type correctly.
Exception starting the transport agent executable
JSDoc tags defined after a invalid @type tag were not being parsed
Web Service title doesn't automatically default when typing the web service name
WSDL definitions with circular references cause a hang
Exception running InstallTestCertificate.exe manually after setup
Link checker not finding broken links to members if an exclusion has been applied at namespace level
Explicitly defined javascript names always shown as not found
Load error trying to add a swagger web service
Code in java source comments wraps, losing the original intended formatting
Script errors or Html Help compiler errors when editing or building a project contained in a path containing non latin characters
The content editor has now been enhanced to work correctly where the project path contains non latin characters. Build readiness issues are now raised when attempting to compile a CHM if the output path or help file name contains non latin characters. This is necessary as the Html Help compiler does not fully support unicode and will throw compile errors for projects or output CHM filenames that contain non latin characters.
Missing XML comments for members with 10 or more generic arguments
Fields missing from interface overview page
Json schema model items in a swagger definition without an "id" attribute are merged together under a single unnamed schema
Disable Progress Animations option does not prevent animation in Support Request UI
Rare exception closing the Topic editor
Exception on startup on Windows Server 2008 x64 with Visual Studio 2010
Added missing _EXAMPLE_TITLE scraps to COM templates
Improved resolution of imported schemas for WSDL files
Checkbox visible for Javascript methods in the Link Designer
Web output ToC not syncing with the default page when the web output is first loaded
Exception loading a Web service from WCF Help Pages where embedded schemas have a blank targetNamespace
Inline script sections created in HTML source mode are lost when topic is saved
@type JSDoc comment not being parsed correctly
Exception on startup if start page disabled
Added support for linking to bookmarks in a Topic in the web output
You can link directly to a bookmark in a Topic in the web output using the following syntax: webframe.html?TopicName.html#BookmarkName
Copying and pasting links in design mode pastes the parent element content
Improved the level of diagnostic detail available when an assembly fails to load
The exception dialog now includes a "Report" button that allows an assembly load exception to be reported directly to support. The exception dialog shows additional detail, including inner exceptions and the fusion log if available, to provide more pointers on possible assembly load failure causes.
Rare exception getting template property value
Undocumented items returns items that have a valid <inheritdoc> comment
Javascript parsing error when an inline comment directly follows a multiline comment
Target item captions in the Link Designer in the Visual Studio comment editor are blank
Missing Build Flags still applied to Topics after importing from another project

Update 13.1.12

Released on 6/3/2013 11:37:48 AM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 13.1.9 together with some enhancements.

Added support for specifying the public uri for web services
A field to identify the public uri of a web service has been added to the Web Service Properties dialog. 2 new options have been added to the Build Profile Editor Web Service Settings page to control how the title of operations pages in REST documentation are generated. Enable the 'Include the full resource uri in operation pages' option to include the fully qualified uri on generated options pages, using the Web Service public uri root. Enable the 'Use the absolute path from the Web Service public uri as the resource path' option to use the absolute path from the Web Service public uri as the resource path for operations, rather than the relative path as read from the web service definition.
Visual Studio 2012 Integration not configured correctly if installing just Document! X
Exception during build in some circumstances if a Mini toc widget is used in a Topic
Parsing errors with certain combinations of Xml comments
In Web Service documentation from a WCF Help Page, only the first operation was listed for resources with multiple operation kinds
Exception cutting or copying table cells

Update 13.1.9

Released on 5/21/2013 4:56:24 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 13.1.6 together with some enhancements.

Help has been updated to reflect support for Team Foundation Server 2012
Added TopicCategoryName and TopicCategoryLocalizedName metadata elements
You can use TopicCategoryName (%%TopicCategoryName%% in a scrap, property or Topic Content) to include the name of the Topic Category containing the current Topic. Use TopicCategoryLocalizedName if your project is localized and you want to include the localized name.
Exception when cloning an Image Markup bullet that uses a radial gradient background
Tabbed language filtered box widget shows title text as list item in the widget body
Javascript Table of Contents nodes for options below widgets now include child options
Freeze when inserting a example code widget at the start of a paragraph element
Diagram options for Javascript now have the option to examine fields as well as methods when discovering type relationships
Formmating in JSDoc / XML javascript source comment examples not being respected
Example code regions not found in Xml or Html files
This was caused by the trailing --> of the Xml / Html comment preventing the region start marker from being recognized. Now fixed so that regions are picked out correctly in Xml and Html files.
Exception if a legacy project contained an invalid Community Extensions uri
New Task dialog won't close if the associated item is not set to the current item
A new Build Profile option has been added for Javascript documentation to control whether separate member pages are generated for types
The default is now to include members directly on the type overview page rather than generating separate member pages
Exception applying a background color to an element in an editor
New projects created in VS now use the 2012 style template by default
Exception when closing or floating the Task window with an edit in progress
Shortcuts for next/previous item in the content file editor are not documented
Ctrl+, (previous item) and Ctrl+. (next item)
Index entries not supported correctly in web output
Exception after inserting example code widget
Exception opening a Content File for edit
Removed "Keep items checked out after checking in by default" Source Control option
This option was removed as it was for legacy source control providers that are not supported in the current version
Broken link to COM component overview page in breadcrumbs bar
Javascript documentation was not generating the correct usage section for a Widget option
Exception getting custom attributes in .NET output
Exception when saving Window state if the width or height are 0 or less
This can occur when using Document! X or HelpStudio in a remote desktop environment
Scrollbar in web output if 2008 topics template used with 2012 browser help template
XML source comments not being parsed for javascript constructors
Exception when adding a Task in the Topic Editor with Associated Item set to a different Topic
Glossary links appear off screen if glossary link is at the edge of the viewport
BannerColor and BannerTextColor properties were incorrectly showing for 2012 templates
Exception when adding a Java Package Name but leaving the Package Name field blank
"norepeat" being output by visual Style Editor instead of "no-repeat"
Script error when opening an XSD Content File for edit
This was caused by some legacy script in the XSD 2012 Style template, now removed.
Some static anchors in generated Document! X pages were not respecting the output file extension set in the Build Profile
Build error if source comments contain an example with inline="false"

Initial Release

Released on 5/13/2013 12:02:15 PM

This is the initial release version of Document! X 2013.1