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Document! X 2011 Release Note

Update 11.1.180

Released on 6/6/2012 6:06:07 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 11.1.179.

Stack overflow exception, empty member links and slow build times with certain assemblies under build .179

Update 11.1.179

Released on 5/30/2012 9:25:05 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 11.1.147.

Empty inherited members entries on members list for a .NET project containing multiple assemblies containing the same type name
Exception after starting client if it closed when minimized
"internal" Java template images renamed to "package-private"
Exception during build started immediately after a cancelled build
Exception when running Find and Replace in a project with a specific .NET assembly configuration
Exception loading a Document! X / HelpStudio project workspace file
IndexOutOfRangeException building and starting a search for undocumented items at the same time
Exception creating a new task if an edit is in progress for an existing task in the list
Exception switching to Html edit view when opening a project referencing a missing widget type
Exception raised by Source Control Provider during Add to Source Control operation crashes the application
Table rows marked with an excluded build flag are not being removed from the generated output
Exception when clicking on the Edit button in the broken link editor for a Glossary Item
Undocumented Items tool is listing documented .NET parameters
InvalidCastException building a database documentation project
Rare exception when moving a Topic between Topic Categories using drag & drop
Exception removing a hyperlink wrapping an image
Removing orphaned content in Find Orphaned Content tool does not mark the content file as dirty, so deletions may be lost
FileNotFound exception when trying to document a Java project if the classpath does not include a trailing ;
Help 2.x compiler error when encoding is set to Japanese
Pasting an image from an external application into the Topic editor inserts a blank image
Rare Win32 exception
Exception opening a project when a custom Content Item Type with a duplicated name exists
It is now not possible to create a new custom Content Item Type with a duplicate name
Some .NET builds taking longer to run after installing 2011.1.149
Exception opening up a content file if the selected item in the last session is a parameter in a member that no longer exists
Rare exception when viewing an error report
Rare exception when opening a Content File
C# example code not filtered by language filter if "C#" rather than "CS" chosen as language name
Keywords not being sorted correctly for languages that contain non-latin characters
Exception when using the link designer if a .NET type contains a member with a name differing only by case
Project Item ToC nodes output blank when pointing to an Other File in the project
Exception after opening a newly added image for edit
Exception resolving a .NET link where no name is defined e.g. T:
Mismatched casing on some Java template images
An overload with an attribute that excludes it from the output also excludes the overall method
Member excluded from base class still visible in members list in derived class
Master page layouts not displayed in page layout list in Template editor (2010 style templates)
Removed "Returns" content item type from .NET constructor page layouts
C++/CLI missing from example code content item language list
Rare exception when creating a new project
Java excluded base method still shown on derived class members page
Link to overload broken when implemented overload in derived class is not included in the output
Exception when dragging and dropping in a Table in the content editor
Changing a ToC node from "Glossary" to "Just a Heading" doesn't remove target item
Exception when saving XML source comments created in the Visual Studio comment editor when the code file is read-only
Exception editing See Also links from Link Verifier
COMException when trying to create a hyperlink for a wholly paragraph in a table cell
Duplicated derived types in ASP.NET Ajax documentation

Update 11.1.147

Released on 2/9/2012 4:16:16 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 11.1.136 together with some enhancements.

Runtime merge toc node child help file field will now accept the child .chm filename with or without the .chm extension
This will prevent a common problem when users first make use of this functionality - as the field was expecting a filename without the .chm extension
Copy from context menu may not copy multiple selected paragraphs depending on where the mouse is clicked
If the Topic Name and Title banner is left open for a new topic, it steals focus when switching between topics
Added VB6 and Visual Basic to available example syntax languages
Improved web full text search indexing for Japanese and Chinese content
First time changes to design time in Widget editor source edit mode are applied to both content and design time content
Improved SourceSafe exception catching so that errors raised by SourceSafe do not crash the application
Built in #top bookmark flagged as broken by the Project Link Verifier
Build Readiness Issue displayed warning of a missing Document! X placeholder node when all assemblies are excluded by Build Flag
Co-ordinates for XSD diagrams including localized decimal separators which caused inaccurate clickable regions
Template properties do not default to the primary locale value for secondary locales
It was previously necessary to define a value for every project locale for each overriden template property. The value defined for the primary locale will now be used by default if no specific value for the secondary locale is defined.
.html extension removed from hyperlinks to reference items in legacy 2008 project
Link caption derived from <see/> source comment includes type prefix even if target member is in the same type
If the root directory of a project contains a very large number of Other Files, the Other Files node is collapsed by default
.. in the Project Explorer and Link Designer. This improves performance of the project load and link designer in this specific scenario.
Content for custom Content Item Type lost if it doesn't exist when loading a legacy (2008) .dxc
Corrupt characters on toolbar and navigation using non unicode encoding and Chinese or Japanese phrase language for web output
Localization warnings appear in Template Editor properties page if a project is open with multiple locales
Add to favorites button in web output only works after the favorites panel is selected
Upgraded database template from DX 2008 does not include schema page layout
C# example code highlighting occasionally highlighting code as comments
Translation error for Italian "See Also" phrase in some templates
Exception when closing the Topic List
Rare exception when building .NET content from the 64bit command line
See Also links that point to removed topics show as [No Target Defined] in the output
Orphaned links are now automatically excluded from the output. They still show in the Project Link Verifier so they can be removed permanently when it is next run.
Help 2.x namespace field was accepting spaces, but this was causing problems registering the generated Help 2.x files
Exception when building a .NET documentation project if the assembly cannot be loaded for a type referenced from a parameter
Updated javadoc support to 1.7 - so that Java 7 source is supported
Middle mouse button closes the window when clicking on the background of a document window
Middle mouse button will now only close a window if you click in the document window header
Intermittent exception raised by Style Picker after inserting certain content in the editor
Build hangs when building web ouput for Thai content
Exception during build where TypeForwardedToAttribute used
Project Find and Replace does not allow replacing with empty string
Add information about runtime merge child resolution to runtime merge help topic
Table Layout context ribbon tab dissapears after deleting a row using the ribbon button
Custom ToC node icons not being used for repeating ToC nodes.
Enumeration members and database columns without documentation not found by Undocumented Items tool
Exception when documenting a COM project with some specific type references
Flash movie widget placeholder appears in booklet output if not specifically excluded with the "Exclude from Booklet" build flag
Exception in Visual Comment editor link designer when working in a solution that contains a Solution Items folder
Page not generated for a protected or public member if a base class has an internal member with same name but different kind
Exception when using the Orphaned Content dialog to move orphaned content
Exception (caused by anti-virus objecting to an unrecognized file extension) when creating a new empty project
Exception applying bold to a number of table cells, where the first selected cell is completely empty
Not possible to revert a color to 'No Color' after setting a specific color
A checkbox has been added to the color control in the properties grid to allow a color to be reverted to 'No Color'
Memory leak with projects that contain a very large number of Other Files
Intermittent exception during build process of project with complex build flag rules
Improved logging for missing .NET dependencies during build (where a dependency is only referenced as a parameter type)
Exception running on a machine with a missing .NET Framework registry key
Change date and time stamps on See Also and Example content items were being updated when no changes made

Update 11.1.136

Released on 12/14/2011 9:06:24 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 11.1.129 together with some enhancements.

Added alias <inheritdoc/> for <contentfrom/> to enhance compatibility with existing Xml comments and automatic base as source
It is now also possible to use the ContentFrom content item type (<contentfrom /> or <inheritdoc /> in code) without specifying a cref (source) value. In that case, Document! X will automatically look for a base member/type and will use that as the source for content. A convenient shorthand for the full <contentfrom /> tag for overriden members that can use the same documentation as the base member.
.NET dependent assembly load failures during build now output a detailed message to the build log to make it easier to diagnose
Exception double right-clicking on a project spell check item
An extra space is added after a hyperlink created by dragging and dropping from the Project Explorer
Intermittent exception when trying to use Find and Replace with an empty Replace With field
When using SourceSafe for Source Control, a CheckOut operation was not always getting the latest version
Auto hide dock windows show on top of other windows if application is deactivated when auto hide window is active
Intermittent exception inserting a hyperlink
Exception when editing the Glossary if the current design time profile is Microsoft Help Viewer output
The text cursor disappears after a drag and drop from the Project Explorer to the content editor
Importing a legacy template with a single phrase language file creates invalid phrase elements
Exception when cutting and pasting a number of table rows in the content editor
When using find and replace in the content editor to replace with text beginning with a space, the space is truncated
XLIFF export was not conforming to the XLIFF 1.2 schema for certain content structures (e.g. inline elements used at root level)
Java Content Files prompt to identify target item after adding new package names to the related Java Project
Adding a new Package name to a Java project causes a prompt to create a new Content File
Exception using the Use Regular Expression option in Project Find and Replace when the Find What value is not a valid RegEx
Exception opening Visual Studio comment editor for a code file with a Build Action set to "None"
Error dialog shown if you attempt to include items that already Checked Out in another Check Out operation when using SourceSafe
Syntax section always contained "override" for methods in the Visual Studio comment editor
Inheritance Hierarchy reversed in the Visual Studio comment editor
Exception loading Java project with methods with a parameter signature of identical type names differening only in namespace
Javadoc @example <code> tags lose line breaks when output by Document! X unless xml:space="preserve" used on <code> tag
.NET multi dimensional array types were not always documented as such in the generated syntax output
Unable to undo after apply a Build Flag to a selection spanning multiple elements
Object diagram file names are now shortened if the Use Shortened Alias filenames option is enabled
Exception when attempting a Source Control operation immediately after the Source Control provider raised an error
Exception opening a project from Team Foundation Server when the current user does not have permissions
The exception is correct, but it will now be shown in a specific error dialog which will allow the user to continue without closing the application
Summary content defined in a Content File for a base member does not appear in the members list for a derived class
Additional incorrect "." in the command line building topic in the online help
Rare exception when opening Visual Studio comment editor
Document! X will now attempt to load the dependency chain for a .NET assembly to guard against dependency errors at build time
Build Readiness issue blocking builds when building MSHV output in a project that contains an excluded COM component
Mini Toc widget differs in preview and output if "Use Shortened alias filenames" is enabled
Exception resolving empty .NET links
.NET project fails build after adding missing dependency in response to reflection load message
Exception when trying to apply a heading style (Ctrl+Alt+1/2/3/4/5) immediately after an undo operation
Check in comments do not appear in the SourceGear Vault history for Source Control operations
Although the comment was being passed to the SourceGear Vault provider, it was not being recorded in the history. A workaround has now been put in place to ensure all comments are correctly logged in the Vault history.

Update 11.1.129

Released on 10/9/2011 8:03:11 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 11.1.118.

Error indicator displayed when changing the casing of a Topic name
Links to generic types / members missing generic arguments when created usign the Visual Studio comment editor in C#
Generated XML documentation file outputs duplicated content elements per member if source comment extraction is set to merge
Exception when building using a template that contains a custom page layout not associated with an item
Exception saving a Content File that contains an Example Code item set to "Get example code from file" with no file selected
LangID always set to English (1033) in Help 2.x output
Widget editor has been enhanced to better handle Japanese and other Unicode character sets in the Widget Editor
Changed default .NET Microsoft Help Viewer template Toc Order so that the assembly node appears after any conceptual topics
Exception opening a stylesheet with an uppercase file extension (.CSS)
VB.NET constructor listed under Methods node in Visual Studio comment editor
Exception adding an "Item in this Project" ToC node to a ToC Layout in the template editor
See Also links linking to a code item created in the Visual Studio comment editor not written back to source code correctly
Exception after clicking the Back button in the Paste Special dialog after viewing the content in Preview mode
Switching to a different template was sometimes reverting profile property values for that template to defaults
Any overriden property values are now retained when switching to a different template
Exception loading XML comment file for a .NET compact framework assembly
MIssing icon for constructors in the Visual Studio comment editor Link Designer
Inheritance information incorrect for an inherited member
.NET object model diagram HTML map coords not culture invariant
The Project Link Picker displayed when adding a new See Also link was allowing multiple items to be selected
Argument Exception when adding a COM TypeLib that contains a alias structure
Exception during build process if a diagram that exceeds maximum allowed size is generated
Column names not included in full text search, enum members and XSD attributes are now also included
Rare exception after correcting a spelling mistake in the XHTML editor
Unresolved %..% links being cached causing other instaces of the same link that would resolve to fail
Exception adding Java package that already exists

Update 11.1.118

Released on 9/8/2011 7:11:34 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 11.1.114.

Glossary Item box visible in MSHV output
Constructor toc nodes were not being output on the ToC if the class contained only a single constructor

Update 11.1.114

Released on 9/1/2011 1:44:09 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 11.1.106 together with some enhancements.

SourceGear Vault integration now includes options to set a specific proxy server
Introduced support for SourceGear Vault / Fortress as a Source Control provider
Html content in .NET Exception or Permission description field double encoded in output
Widget types not correctly rendered when used in a Glossary Item definition
Database toc includes system objects (functions) that aren't generated in output if schema information hidden
Exception in certain edit scenarios when confirming selection in Content File link designer
Exception when checking out duplicate source control items
Exception when selecting the Edit Image context menu command in a content editor when the image file does not exist
Community Features warning about browser security when viewing content locally is shown even if community features disabled
Exception when documenting an assembly containing an enumeration with custom static fields
Ctrl + clicking on a link to a topic in the Visual Studio comment editor causes Visual Studio to close
The samples list now contains .NET source projects for Visual Studio 2005/2008 and Visual Studio 2010
Splash screen always in the foreground
NullReferenceException building output for a assembly containing a method with a specific signature
A build warning message is now logged during build for content that contains a Widget Type that no longer exists
New Topic, New Topic Category and Topic List context menu options disabled when the Project Explorer window is floated
Glossary references inserted into content file content rendered as "missing phrase"
Changes to Topic Category properties not saved in a source controlled project
Rare exception when editing topics in a split window view
Rare exception in Topic list
Rare exception in Image Picker when adding an existing image to the Project
Exception when ctrl + clicking on a link to a conceptual Topic from a Content File
ToC including a Glossary node causes an MSHV build to fail
Enum member content not included in XML generated documentation file
See Also links in a Content File to excluded Topics displayed as a bolded guid in output
Topic index entries generated when only the Topic Category index option was enabled
Context menu options disalbed on Project Explorer when it is unpinned
XSD source indentation incorrect if the source XSD used tabs
Rare exception when using the Link Verifier
Edit Documentation button not enabled in Visual Studio 2010 if .NET Reflector AddIn is installed and enabled
ModifiedOn and CreatedOn elements do not work in Topic content
Assemblies in which all namespaces are excluded for a given output are now automatically excluded from the output
Branding.xslt fails to load on some configurations when "Perform extended validation" is enabled
Toc nodes missing in COM output if the project only contains a single COM component

Update 11.1.106

Released on 8/1/2011 2:34:29 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 11.1.105.

Movie links missing from the Document! X and HelpStudio help files

Update 11.1.105

Released on 7/29/2011 11:01:03 AM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 11.1.92.

Several views containing busy indicators where showing the busy animation when the "disable animations" option was enabled
Inline widgets split the containing paragraph when editing in source view
Added support for /$ to allow $$ character sequences to be used without clashing with a phrase reference
e.g. use /$/$Value/$/$ and the output will contain $$Value$$ - without /$ the text would be parsed as a phrase or glossary reference
<paramref> and other tags were not being parsed out in exception or permission descriptions coming from Xml comment files
Long topic name for default topic clips button on project quick start page
Image duplicated when dragging and dropping between table cells
Exception during build of a .NET project if an exception content item created without a valid type defined
Exception when creating a new style after closing the stylesheet editor
Improved .NET Xml comment file lookup logic so that more descriptions for inherited members are resolved
Document! X will now look in several common reference assembly paths in order to find the Xml comment file for a .NET framework assembly if you have enabled the option to automatically find and use comments for inherited members. The locale specific sub-path (e.g. \de) will be searched first in order to support projects where you are building output for several locales.
Exception when inserting a dynamic image widget
Mini toolbar was remaining visible when dragging and dropping in a topic - preventing drop in that area
Exception in topic editor if the clipboard is locked by another process
Exception when running Link Check for a second time
Exception when importing from a project containing a COM component already present in the target project
Exception when clicking on the yellow star button next to "See Also" in the Content File editor for a COM class
Added a new database doc %%CurrentDatabaseName%% property for use in custom templates - returns the current database name

Update 11.1.92

Released on 7/18/2011 12:04:35 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 11.1.91.

Intermittent exception when switching between source and design views in content editor
Exception when building a project with build .90
A background error was causing primary locale content to not be shown in a secondary locale content file editor instance
Does not navigate to the correct item in the Content File when a parameter or generic argument spell error is opened
New Phrase language not shown in phrase language list if it was created without copying content from an existing Phrase language
Rule conditions to exclude database types Users, Roles and Filegroups were not working
Exception when searching on the Project Explorer with no project open
Rare exception when adding a new Build Profile to a project.

Update 11.1.91

Released on 7/5/2011 6:42:57 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 11.1.70 together with some enhancements.

Full Text Search in web output now indexes the page titles for reference docs to improve hits for type/member names
Changed the app .config files to use the default system proxy server credentials for web calls, where a proxy configured
The Index Keywords list is now sorted, to make it easier in particular to spot if a keyword exists in a long list
Added new .NET filter options to automatically exclude members marked with CompilerGenerated or DebuggerUserCode attributes
Description box on exception and permission editor now resizes with the window to provide more editing room
"Sort Topics by Name" command has been added to the Topic Category context menu
Reversed the order of Examples and Remarks sections in the standard .NET templates to reflect the MSDN standard (Remarks first)
The keyword list now goes back into edit mode immediately after pressing enter to commit a new keyword
This avoids having to manually start editing to when creating a number of keywords
Added a tip to the Build Profile editor to explain how the "Include Sql Server System Objects" option works
Improved the warning tooltip when documenting a .NET assembly without an Xml comment file to mention how to enable in VS
When connecting to Team Foundation Server, a credentials prompt will be displayed if the current login does not have permissions
A default name is generated from the XSD schema file name when adding new schemas to a project (e.g. "SchemaFileName Schema")
Added "Use Sql Server Native Data Type Names" option to database settings
This option allows you to use the Sql Server native data type names (int, nchar, text) rather than generic ole db type names (Integer, WChar, LongVarChar).
The Style Picker will now show any custom styles defined in custom template stylesheets as well as project specific stylesheets
Added "Close All But This" to the document window context menu
"Add as Keyword" command added to Topic Editor context menu when text selected
This will create a new Topic Keyword from the selected text
Document! X will now automatically populate the description column for Exceptions or Permissions where blank
The description (summary) associated with the Exception or Permission type will be used as the description where a custom description has not been defined.
Removed redundant line and column information from information messages generated by the Help 2.x compiler
A new 'Last Built' drop down button has been added to the Ribbon to allow you to easily open the most recently generated outputs
The displayed list shows the most recently generated outputs (web output, compiled help, booklet) for each Build Profile along with the build date and time. Each item in the list can be clicked to open the output.
Tweaks to database documentation tick, relationship and primary key icons to make consistent with other images
Pending changes in any open Visual Studio Comment Editor instances are now saved when a build process is initiated
Added hotkeys for switching between edit views in the content editors - Shift+F7 for next view, Shift+F6 for previous
Images can now be saved and pasted directly from the clipboard
A prompt for the filename to save the image as will be displayed when executing Paste with an image on the clipboard. Once a filename has been chosen, the image will be saved (as a .png file) and inserted into the active content editor.
Added documentation of .NET Code Contracts to the standard templates
You can enable Code Contracts documentation on the .NET Settings page in the Build Profile Editor. The generated Contracts section on Class, Interface, Constructor, Method and Property pages details any defined Code Contracts for that item. In order for Code Contracts documentation information to be found by Document! X you must enable the "Emit contracts into XML doc file" option on the Code Contracts property page in the Visual Studio Project editor.
If multiple .NET <overloads> tags are defined, only the first one is now used in the master summary page for the member
.NET diagrams were limited to classes but are now generated for interfaces as well. An Interface can also be chosen as the root.
Dependencies set on Repeating ToC nodes were not being evaluated
Exception adding a COM component to a project where the return type of a member was HResult
Can't check topic status filters in project filter dialog when running under .NET 4
"Choose Provider" or "Integration Preferences" buttons don't activate the Options Editor window if it's already open
Problem switching pages in options editor after clicking "Choose Provider" source control ribbon button
%% properties in content were not being parsed out in generated .NET Xml Comment Files
Exception when importing nested Topic Categories from another project
Correct page in the Build Profile Editor not selected when clicking the wrench icons on the Project Quick Start page
Invalid characters were being output to full text search index for web output for some specific content
Unticking text-decoration in the Style Editor did not remove the text-decoration: none; from the style rule
Exception creating a new Document! X project from Visual Studio
Unnecessary id attributes added to keyword and example comments by Visual Comment Editor in Visual Studio
Licensing dialog displayed when building certain projects from the command line
Cannot set "Use a custom Topic Property" on "New Content Highlighting" page
Compiler errors when using a custom ToC layout that includes all methods etc. directly beneath the assembly node
Links to MSDN in inheritance hierarchies were being generated even though "Link to external documentation" option was disabled
German translation error (Strukture should be Struktur)
Right justified paragraph not showing align attribute in Xhtml source edit view
Exception editing a value for a custom content type used in a custom template
Focus goes to container around serial number fields when tabbing through activation dialog
Exception building a project which referenced a legacy .dxc file with invalid content

Update 11.1.70

Released on 5/26/2011 9:05:56 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 11.1.65.

Improved handling for importing legacy templates HTML scraps
Link to a .NET member with a parameter type that is a multi dimensional array broken in output
NullReferenceException caused by Spelling change event coming in to an XhtmlEditor instance that has been torn down
Exception opening a Document! X project via the toolbar button in Visual Studio when the project is a solution item
Exception changing an element to a bullet list when the selected element contains a span
Exception when building documentation for an item with referenced assemblies that are not available
Exception creating a new Document! X project in Visual Studio
Exception when right clicking on the Toc Explorer without a project loaded
Exception when running .NET 4 version of the command line (missing .config file value)
Xml comment content missing and links broken for members of nested generic classes
Broken links in output if Protected Friend member filter ticked without Protected member filter
Type resolution problems in COM documentation when documenting multiple COM components
Xsd documentation with no namespace defined outputs a link with an href of "(none)"
This has been changed so that text of "(none)" is output if there is not a specific namespace. If there is a specific namespace, it is output as a link as previously.
Tag name property for In This Topic List widget not being used
Inserting image from the Image Picker in a different folder from the previously inserted image would insert the previous image
Exception saving XML comments back to source code in the Visual Studio comment editor
Exception closing application
Exception during diagram generation of .NET project for specific types (related to generic arguments of property members)
C# overloads with parameters that contain generic types not shown in visual studio comment editor
"Always use where defined" xml source comment option ignores content in content file even when there is no xml comment file
Also reversed the combination order of XML source comments and Content File content so that XML source comments appears first, to match with the view in the Content File editor.
Exception appears when doing second build of a project to a very long path
Xsd projects fail to build from the command line
Project Title in banner of COM documentation member pages containing multiple libraries always shows last library title
Undocumented items returns no results when using the "Any" Content Item Type search filter
Access is denied script error when previewing a page when the design time build profile is set to output Help 2.x
Inserting a colorized example code widget over content adds a extra paragraph including space content
Xml comment file not generated with correct content for secondary locale
Improved error information when importing legacy templates

Update 11.1.65

Released on 4/12/2011 5:05:15 PM

This update contains a number of new features and enhancements, together with some fixes for issues resolved since update 11.1.57.

A recycle toggle button has been added to the Topic Editor document tab to enable re-use of Topic Edit windows

When the recycle button is checked by clicking on it, the Topic Edit window will be re-used when you open another Topic for edit. This is very useful in scenarios where you are working your way through many topics and you don't want the previous Topics to remain open - saving you the trouble of closing the previous Topic Edit window.

QR Codes can now be easily generated by including the new QR Code Widget type in your content

When previewing or building, the content you define in the QR Code widget will be output as a QR Code image. QR Codes are 2D barcodes which are directly readable by smartphones from printed pages or directly from a monitor

New "In This Topic List" Widget - automatically outputs a list of bookmark links to headings in the current Topic

This Widget is useful for long Topics where you want to provide users with an automatically updated summary of headings at the top of the Topic that the user can click to scroll to a particular heading.

A Recent Items window has been added to make it easy to re-open items you have recently edited
Items are automatically added to the recent items window as you open them for edit, and the list is persisted between sessions for that project, making it easy to quickly come back to something you were working on last time. Items can be pinned to the list to prevent them being dropped as new items are added - allowing you to keep your most commonly editing items handy. The list by default holds 20 items, but that can be changed in the Options Editor. Edting Topics, Content Files, Images, Image Maps and StyleSheets will add an entry to the Recent Items list.
A new option has been added to the Topic Settings page in the Build Profile editor to enable parsing of %..% anchors in Topics
This option simplifies creating links both to reference documentation items in the current project, and also to .NET framework topics. With this option enabled, linking to a .NET type page is as simple as enclosing the type name in %..% placeholder, e.g. %System.Object%. The link that is generated by Document! X is automatically correct for the output type so you don't need to worry about using special link formats for Help 2.x or Microsoft Help Viewer.
Projects can now be saved as a template so that they can be used as a base for new projects
Open a project and use Save As Project Template from the application menu to create a new project template from it. Once created, you can select the Project Template from the New Project dialog.
New Widget Pack: Internet and Social Media Feeds for including RSS and Twitter feeds in your content
This new Widget Pack can be enabled on the Widgets page in the Build Profile Editor. The RSS Feed Widget will dynamically retrieve and output in your content the items from a specific RSS feed url - great for including the latest news from your company web site in your help file landing page. The Twitter User Feed and Twitter Search Feed widgets will dynamically retrieve and output Twitter Tweets - either for a specific user or for a particular search term.
It is now possible to set the default Content Editor Profile directly from the Project Explorer context menu
The default Content Editor profile is the one that will be used for settings (Template, Properties, etc.) in any new content editing windows (Topic Editor, Content File Editor). The current default Content Editor profile is indicated in the Project Explorer by a bold highlight. The Content Editor profile choice is now also saved between sessions so you don't need to keep setting it each time you open a project. As previously, the chosen profile can still be easily switched from a particular Content Editor window using the wrench icon on the Content Editor document tab.
Exception when starting .NET 4 version of Document! X if .NET 4 installed and then removed
Project Explorer context menu commands do not always work when running under .NET 4
See Also links to .NET items on enum pages are not shown in the content file editor or output

Update 11.1.57

Released on 3/28/2011 1:12:23 PM

This update contains a number of enhancments as well as fixes for issues resolved since update 11.1.51.

View pages now include column data type information (where available)
Added documentation of computed column formulas (Sql Server only) as an extra column in the column list
Default exclusions for the sys and INFORMATION_SCHEMA schemas are now set when adding a new Sql Database to a project
Sql Server cross database dependencies are now documented
Dependencies that span databases are limited to the child direction - i.e. a view that depends on a table in another database will show the table as a dependency, but the table will not show the the view as an object that depends on it.
Drop down section icons broken in mshv output after using Show All / Hide All a couple of times
The link designer dialog was not recognizing previous created links to a Html Help 1.x file
Exception when opening a Tfs bound project where either the Tfs Server is unavailable or the project path has been deleted
No file filter on file browse dialog when help file type is set to Microsoft Help Viewer
A specific Document! X 2008 COM documentation project opened with Document! X 2011 does not build pages for any classes
Exception when saving a project opened from a HelpStudio 3 project with a related Document! X 2008 project
Invalid entry in the Document! X 2011 help file index

Update 11.1.51

Released on 3/17/2011 5:31:59 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 11.1.46 together with some enhancements.

Added support for specifying an Xsl transform file to use for custom Content Types

An xsl file can now be specified in the Content Types editor. The xsl file will be used to transform any content for that content type during output. This can be used to good effect where you have custom structured Xml in source comments (database extended properties / comments, .NET xml comments) that you want to transform for Xhtml output (e.g. to an Xhtml table or bullet list).

Sql Server Stored Procedure Parameters were not listed in Content File Editor
Exception opening a newly created Content File
Memory footprint improved in Document! X 2011 - particular for long Content File edit sessions
Document! X was not picking up some extended attributes from Sql Server
Editor selection not "saved" when alt-tabbing between apps
Implemented interface names in syntax section being shortened if they were defined in a different namespace
In Sql Server documentation, view columns were not being documented

Initial Release Version

Released on 3/11/2011 12:06:51 PM

This is the initial release version of Document! X 2011. You need a Document! X 2011 license in order to install this version. If you hold a current subscription, you can update your license at http://www.innovasys.com/support/upgrade/list.aspx

Added shortcut to help file in Start Menu group
Drop operations in Project Explorer not functioning if first click to select item also gives focus to the Project Explorer
Content From filter checkboxes not functioning correctly in the .NET 4 client
Shift + Left or Right not selecting links correctly in topic editor
Undo not working after switching WYSIWYG profiles or adding a See Also link