Document! X and HelpStudio Bundle 2017.1 Release Note

Update 17.1.32

Released on 6/6/2018 7:23:09 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 17.1.22.

Support for documenting database items containing Cyrillic characters
A new option has been added to the \"Add Database\" dialog to enable extended support for databases that contain items with names containing Cyrillic characters. Previously, Cyrillic characters in the ids and filenames used internally by Document! X were replaced with a \"-\" character which could result in clashes between items named using the Cyrillic alphabet. This new option enables an automatic mapping in the internal item id and filename from Cyrillic characters to Latin characters. This option changes the logical naming for items with a name that contains Cyrillic characters in a Database so can only be set when the Database is first added to a project.
Added support for SQL Server LocalDB connections in Database Documentation
LInks to the .NET framework documentation have been updated to direct to the new Microsoft docs site instead of the old MSDN site
Added support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 for web service uris
Additional handling of the query string has been added to mitigate phishing attacks that suffix a query string containing a specific url rather than a topic name
Exception in MSHV build if Visual Studio 2012 Installed
Error when loading a Swagger 2.0 / OpenAPI definition
Shortened Alias Filenames does not get disabled until application restart
Generic argument brackets are double encoded in light template ToC - e.g. GenericType<T> is shown incorrectly as GenericType&lt;T&gt;
Crash when clicking nested DIV with an inline height or width style value in the page map
Undocumented Items help tip has an invalid movie link
Content Item Types list empty when reopened in the same session after the first Content Item Type created
Commands on the Backstage Application menu are disabled after closing a Project
Search term highlighting not working in CHM output
Script errors when building content containing Glossary Items in a non-unicode Locale
Search term highlighting not working in CHM output
NullReferenceException when documenting an assembly with an Enumeration in a nested Generic type with the \"Include Numeric Values in Enumeration Member Lists\" option enabled
System.NullReferenceException during Build
ArgumentException when clicking the Browse button on the New Project dialog with an empty directory name
In This Topic section rendered incorrectly when using the Build Profile Topic Settings
Examples with inline=false cause an exception during build in a COM project
XmlException when cloning topics or importing (caused by corrupt / empty topic locale file)
Item Property Filtering Rule cannot be used on a HelpStudio only installation
Search term highlighting not working in CHM output

Update 17.1.22

Released on 1/16/2018 8:28:06 AM

This update adds digital signatures to the .exe files contained in the setup to avoid Windows Defender false positive virus alerts.

Update 17.1.21

Released on 11/7/2017 8:08:01 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 17.1.19.

Some virus checkers were reporting a false positive for a process run as part of the setup

Initial Release (2017.1.19)

Released on 9/4/2017 11:59:53 AM

Initial release of Document! X and HelpStudio 2017.1

Visual Studio 2017 Integration
Integration with the release version of Visual Studio 2017 (all versions), including the Visual Comment Editor for authoring C#, Visual Basic and C++/CLI code xml comments.
New "Light" Templates
A new set of templates have been introduced inspired by the latest Microsoft Documentation style. These new templates introduce a simplified and fresh layout and typography featuring a frameless design with in-page Table of Contents navigation, a right hand action bar with automatic "In this Topic" support and a page layout that is responsive to the available screen width. The new Templates are available for every supported documentation type.
Improved Copy to Clipboard
The support for Copy to Clipboard in Colorized Example Code widgets has been improved and removes the dependency on Adobe Flash. Copying to clipboard now results in a subtle notification that appears beside the "Copy Code" button when clicked.
Move and Rename Other Files
It is now possible to move and rename Other Files directly on the Project Explorer. References to the moved and renamed Other Files (e.g. images, Widgets and links) are automatically updated. To round off this new functionality, it is now also possible to create new Other Files folders from the Project Explorer. Source Control integrated projects are fully supported.
Microsoft Help Viewer 2.3 Support
Support for Microsoft Help Viewer 2.3, the updated version of Microsoft Help Viewer included with Visual Studio 2017. Output that targets Microsoft Help Viewer will now automatically register with Microsoft Help Viewer 2.3 if it is installed locally, a link to view the generated output will be included in the Build Results and batch files will be generated with the commands necessary to deploy help to Microsoft Help Viewer 2.3 on other machines.
Copy Code functionality has been enhanced to remove flash dependency
The Copy Code functionality has been enhanced to remove the need for browser flash support when using the Classic, Material or Light templates.
Exception running a build in environments where the Windows Task Bar is not available (e.g. on Citrix Receiver)
Phrase Search with 4 words can cause a blank search tab
Exception when Web service WSDL includes references to Xml Schema elements, but does not import Xml Schema XSD