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Document! X and HelpStudio Bundle 2016.1 Release Note

Update 16.1.107

Released on 2/27/2017 4:47:21 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 16.1.103.

An Image File added to the Project when using the Image Picker does not show in the Image Picker immediately
Adding an Other File to the project does not show it on the Project Explorer in some circumstances
Exception after adding a new Image from the Image Picker when inserting a Dynamic Image Widget

Update 16.1.103

Released on 2/13/2017 1:57:13 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 16.1.90.

It is now possible to use the Find and Replace, Link and Spell Check tools to Find and Replace in Booklet Header and Footer content
Unable to click child item intermittently in Project Explorer Other Files
Script error clicking on a Glossary item in the Help File when opened directly from app
Selection not highlighted when navigating the Project Explorer using the keyboard
Dynamic Spell Check causes the cursor position to jump when editing in a list item in a very long topic
Cursor jumps after typing in long topics if dynamic spell check is enabled
Exception when opening the Visual Studio Comment Editor if ReSharper DotTrace is installed

Update 16.1.90

Released on 12/20/2016 4:44:13 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 16.1.56.

Experimental Support for Visual Studio 2017 RC
The Visual Comment Editor extension is now available in Visual Studio 2017 (Community, Professional and Enterprise Editions), along with the Build Documentation context menu item for any .dxp files in your Visual Studio 2017 solutions.
Experimental Support for Microsoft Help Viewer 2.3 RC (Visual Studio 2017 RC)
The Classic and Material templates fully support Microsoft Help Viewer 2017 (the new version of the Help Viewer included with Visual Studio 2017). The build results window now includes a link to view built MSHV content in MSHV 2.3 when building on a machine with Visual Studio 2017 installed and the generated output contains batch files with sample registration and removal command lines for deployment.
Added support for documenting Java 8 projects (projects using new Java 8 language features)
Support for Team Foundation Server Source Control Provider on machines with just Visual Studio 2017 RC installed
Sample data is now automatically colorized according to content (Xml and Json)
The Sample Data section in Web Service documentation is now automatically colorised even when manually defining the sample data. Previously, only data coming from a Uri (so the content type could be automatically determined) was automatically colorized.
Support for Microsoft Help Viewer 2.3 RC (Visual Studio 2017 RC)
The Classic and Material templates fully support Microsoft Help Viewer 2017 (the new version of the Help Viewer included with Visual Studio 2017). The build results window now includes a link to view built MSHV content in MSHV 2.3 when building on a machine with Visual Studio 2017 installed and the generated output contains batch files with sample registration and removal command lines for deployment.
Warning message about mismatched workspace owner displayed when connecting to a Visual Studio Team Services
This issue was triggered by a recent authentication change in Visual Studio Team Services
Overflow exception when a .NET assembly contains a ulong enum type used in an attribute
ToC urls containing quote characters cause System.ArgumentException in CHM Builds if Shortened Filenames enabled
"In this topic" widget links do not scroll to the last linked heading
Dialogs appear off screen in some multi monitor high DPI scenarios
Some content renders differently in the Content Snippet Editor compared to the Topic Editor when the current Design Time Profile is a PDF Booklet Profile
Link Designer dialog does not add to undo stack in some scenarios
Booklet ToC numbering in incorrect order when "Number each entry and each heading" option is enabled
Child index entries show in a large font size in Material booklet template

Update 16.1.56

Released on 10/18/2016 1:46:05 PM

This update contains enhancements to Full Text Search functionality in Browser Help Output and support for secure FTP publishing.

Full text search in browser help output will now search all reference page content
Previously, the full text search was limited to the Page Title and manually authored content (such as Xml comments or content authored in Content Files).
Browser Help Full Text Search has been comprehensively improved
Specific improvements are documented elsewhere in the release note, but include searching for words chained with "+" or "." characters (e.g. MyNamespace.MyType), searching in Example and Syntax content (all page content is now included in the search), a new option to enable searching for numbers, wildcard (* or ?) search, phrase search (multiple words surrounded with quotes), improved ranking of search results and a fix for secondary page titles in search results (e.g. Members pages).
Full text search in Browser Help output will now find words beginning with underscore characters
Added support for publishing using Secure FTP (SSL 3.0 and TLS)
New options have been added to the FTP publishing properties UI to enable secure FTP connections
Browser Help Full Text Search now supports searching for phrases
To search for a phrase (a set of words that appear one after another in the content), surround the phrase with quotation marks. e.g. "RssFeed Class". Phrases can be combined with other search terms using the and/or operators, e.g. "RssFeed Class" or "RssItem Class" or DeleteRssItem
Browser Help Full Text Search now performs a simple ranking on search results
Results are ranked according to the position in the page of the located search term(s), with results higher up the page ranking higher than those further down the page.
Full text search in Browser Help output can now include results that are numbers
A new option on the Browser Help page in the Project Profile Editor can be used to include numbers in the Browser Help full text search results.
Browser Help Full Text Search will now locate words concatenated with a "+" character, e.g. MyType+MyNestedType
Browser Help Full Text Search now supports * and ? wildcards in search terms
* can be used to match zero or more characters, and ? will match any single character.
Full text search in browser help output will now find words concatenated with a "." character - .e.g. MyNamespace.MyType
Exception when publishing multiple times in a single session to an ftp server
Browser Help Full Text Search highlighting incorrectly applies partial word matches
The search highlighting will now only highlight whole word matches
Exception using the Visual Studio Comment Editor when a class has a Property without an access declaration
In Browser Help Full Text Search results, the page title is not correct for secondary reference pages (e.g. members pages)
Long pauses when viewing local content in Edge with Google Analytics integration enabled

Update 16.1.42

Released on 10/3/2016 4:55:27 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 16.1.32.

Show all available page types from all referenced Templates in the Page Type property for Topics
Previously, only the Page Types defined in the Template associated with the current Content Editor Default Project Profile were listed.
Support for documenting WinRT and UWP (Universal Windows Platform) assemblies
Initial support has been introduced to support documenting assemblies targeting the current WinRT version as well as Universal Windows Platform assemblies.
A new Paste As Text context menu and Ribbon command have been added
This new command, available when there is HTML on the clipboard will paste the current clipboard contents as text.
Enhancements to selecting a background or list image in the Style Properties Editor
When editing a Project Stylesheet, the Image Picker dialog will now be shown. When editing a Template or other Stylesheet outside the scope of a project, a regular file dialog will be shown.\r\n\r\nIn both cases a valid CSS url, relative to the stylesheet, will be generated.
The generated Google Analytics code has been updated to Universal Analytics
The script code automatically generated by Document! X and HelpStudio if the Google Analytics integration option is enabled in the Build Profile Editor has been updated to the latest Google Universal Analytics, in preparation for the eventual deprecation of the earlier ga.js based script. No action is necessary to take advantage of this update.
When creating a new Table Row, any applied CSS class names are now copied from the previous row
The In This Topic Widget now includes Collapsible Heading Widgets as well as regular headings
PDF Booklet Cover Pages can now be output without any content margins
This makes it possible to use images or other HTML content that reaches right up to the page boundary. To enable this option, open the properties for the 'Booklet Cover Page' node and tick the 'Full Page (No Margins)' option.\r\n\r\nAn advisory message has also been added to the Cover Page Node properties in the PDF Booklet Content Editor to recommend that the Cover Page Topic Page Type property is set to \"for include.html\" to prevent the automatic generation of a Title.
Additional PDF Booklet Cover Page options have been added to better support Section Breaks style pages in PDF Booklets
Additional options have been added to Cover Page nodes for PDF Booklet output. The new options are 'Include in Table of Contents' and 'Assign Entry Number'. These 2 options provide more flexibility on how Cover Pages are treated with regard to numbering and the ToC and make them suitable for use as Section Break pages within the Booklet content. For example, a Cover Page with Include in Table of Contents and Assign Entry Number would appear in the ToC in the same way as a regular Topic, but would not include a Header or Footer, and by setting the Cover Page Topic Page Type to 'for include.html' can also not include a Title, i.e. as a distinctly styled Section Break page. Finally, Cover Page nodes can now also have child nodes in the same way as regular Topic pages, in order to support child numbering in the child pages and Table of Contents entries.
Image Editing Ribbon Tab is not visible when editing an image from the Content Editor Context Menu
Exception saving changs in a Page Type Editor window left open when deleting the parent custom Template
A Template can no longer be deleted if there are open Page Type Editors
Exception when inserting a Symbol from the Wingdings 3 font using the Word Symbol Dialog
Adding a table row using the tab key does not get included in the undo stack
Intermittent issue allows dropping a Topic Category onto itself, causing a crash
Note Box and Tip icons not showing in Mobile output
This issue was fixed in the Classic Templates (replacements for 2012 Style) introduced in the 2016.1 release.
Current directory not set for Programs / Batch Files launched from Build Events
Other Files are not sorted alphabetically in the Project Explorer when saved on a FAT disk
Last character of an example from file is clipped in the generated output if the example file contains just lf characters and not crlf pairs
Cut/Pasting a numbered List changes the pasted list to a bullet list
Team Foundation Add or Delete operations can fail with a workspace error if more than one version of Visual Studio is installed
Floating Project Explorer and ToC windows closed when loading a saved layout
Exception attempting to use the Find dialog with an empty Find What field
Find and Replace buttons are now correctly disabled if the Find What field is blank
CA-2459 : Exception if a new version of a project file was downloaded as part of an automatic check out
Paragraph breaks when changing a paragraph containing a span element to a heading
Adding items (or removing them) in a source controlled project causes a checkin without comments
An automatically generated comment is now added to the automatic checkin so that it can be identified in Source Control History.
Exception in some Visual Studio project types when clicking the Document! X toolbar button to create a new Document! X Project
Dragging and dropping multiple Topic Categories can result in Topic and Topic Category deletion
Topic Title does not update in real time when a Booklet Profile is set as the Content Editor Default
Exclude from booklet Build Flag not functioning on a new PDF Booklet until the project has been reloaded
PDF Booklet build does not always reflect changes to size of the image since the last build until the application is restarted
Exception when trying to insert a hyperlink into the initially selected item in the Glossary Editor
Other Files incorrectly included in Link Picker displayed for booklet cover page
Links broken in PDF Booklet ToC to Topics where the Topic Name contains a Project Property
Content Snippets were not visible on the Link Designer shown when creating or editing an Include Topic Widget

Update 16.1.32

Released on 9/20/2016 11:37:49 AM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 16.1.31.

Adding an image to the Project from the Image Picker dialog in the Content File Editor causes an exception
Links to MSDN Topics do not navigate to the current MSDN version
The link redirection script for CHM and Browser output has been changed so that the target MSDN pages are the current version (Dev14).
Exception when Checking in a Project to Source Control with a Stylesheet open with unsaved edits
Internal links in Microsoft Help Viewer output broken if Generate Shortened Alias Filenames option is enabled
If you are affected by this issue and have enabled the option to save the generated mappings between builds, be sure to use the \"Clear Saved Mappings\" button on the \"Shortened Alias Filenames\" page in the Project Settings (just once after updating) otherwise incorrectly saved previous mappings will prevent the fix from taking effect.
Customized Project Widgets created in 2016.1.31 do not appear correctly when using new Classic or Material Templates
When viewing local Browser Help output in Edge a Javascript error appears in the console and the output does not size to fit the browser

Update 16.1.31

Released on 9/9/2016 11:10:27 PM

This update contains fixes for issues resolved since update 16.1.30.

Prompt to import previous 2015.2 configuration was not appearing in some circumstances
Content frame blank in IE using Classic Template if Mark of the Web is enabled
Custom Booklet Header and Footer content is reset during 2012 Style to Classic template migration

Initial release version.

Released on 9/8/2016 6:46:22 PM

Initial release version. See Release Note for detailed release information.

New "Material" Content and Browser Help Templates
A new set of Templates have been introduced inspired by the Google "Material" design style. The templates feature a clean and crisp serif font and bold header coloring that helps frame the main content area of each page. These new Templates make subtle changes to layout and typography in response to the available display width, as well as including full responsive support on touch enabled devices. The Material Templates are available for every supported documentation type. The new Material Browser Help Template features styling to match the content Templates and includes vector icons for the Table of Contents that scale without loss of quality on high resolution displays.
Simplified Template Selection
The Templates page in the Build Profile Editor has been simplified and enhanced to make it quick and easy to changes the Templates used. The new Templates page allows you to create or open for edit a custom Template directly.
Template Override Style Rules - a simpler way to override the default Template CSS
New Template Override Style Rules functionality makes it quick and easy to override the default styles applied to various page elements, directly from the context menu in the Content Editor or from a new "Template Style Rule Overrides" section in the Style Picker. As an example, simply right click on the page title in the Topic Editor and choose "Override Template Style\Page Title" from the context menu in order to create a custom Style Rule that will apply to the Page Title in each generated page. As with other regular Style Rules, Template Style Rule Overrides can now be edited and deleted directly from the Style Picker.
Option to hide Style Rule details in the Style Picker
An option has been added to the Style Picker (as a toolbar button) to show/hide the preview area for Style Rules in the Style Picker. Hiding the preview enables a much larger number of Style Rules to be shown at once in the Style Picker, at the loss of a visual hint of the Style Rule attributes.
CSS Style Rules can be created, edited and deleted directly from the Style Picker
Style Rules can be created in specific Project or Template Stylesheets directly from the Style Picker. Style Rules can be edited and deleted directly from buttons next to each Rule in the Style Picker. If you are making use of a custom Template, the Style Picker now includes the ability to save custom Style Rules in a Template Stylesheet, so that rules can be shared across multiple projects.
Updated and Modernized Templates
The 2012 Style Templates (now named "Classic") have been re-architected to optimize the underlying styles and javascript. The Classic Templates use the latest supported versions of jQuery for the various output formats in order to optimize performance and deliver the best possible experience for both Browser Help and Compiled Help. The new style and script core is common for both the Classic and new Material Templates in order to make it easier to override common Template styles and script in a way that is not Template specific, and to provide a modern base on which further new Templates can be created in future. For the end user viewing the content you generate, the Classic Templates are functionally and visually identical to the old 2012 Style templates. Any projects that currently use the 2012 Style Templates will be automatically migrated to the Classic Templates the first time the project is opened. Migration includes automatic updates to any existing stylesheets that reference the old 2012 Style CSS Class Names and Ids.
Support for Subversion 1.9
The Build Results window now includes additional links when building responsive Browser Help output to force Desktop, Tablet or Mobile mode
These additional links make it quick and easy to view and test the responsive output as it will be rendered on a tablet or mobile device, or to force Desktop mode on a touch enabled PC.
Importing from a CHM with a complex nested folder structure results in broken links and missing images
Example in CPP file not located if terminated with #pragma endregion
ToC Blank on Firefox and IE Mobile
Fixed in new classic templates.
Script error clicking the Example link in the header of .NET output using Material Template
Automatic Template Updates could fail in scenarios where the Templates were under Source Control
There were scenarios in which the functionality designed to ensure that Custom Templates are automatically updated with fixes to the standard Templates on which they were based would fail. These scenarios involved Template files being read only and were primarily caused by the Template folder being under Source Control. The Template Update functionality has been enhanced to check for writable files and to only complete the Template Update if all require files are writable.
Switching between design time profiles does not fully update Template stylesheets