HelpStudio 3 Version Release Note

This HelpStudio update includes a number of fixes for issues discovered since the release as well as new Content Snippet and Analyzer functionality. This update also includes significant performance improvements in many areas including Project Find and Replace, Project Spell check, Unused Images as well as general performance improvements in build times and the topic content editor.

A new Content Snippets window has been introduced to make it easier to re-use content

Existing topic content can now be made re-usable by dragging and dropping it to the Content Snippets window. Doing so creates a new Content Snippet topic (implemented in HelpStudio as a regular topic listed in a special "Content Snippets" category and not included separately in the output). Content Snippet topics are listed in the Content Snippets window and can be used in other Topics by simply dragging and dropping the entry from the Content Snippets window in to the Topic Content Editor.

This new functionality leverages the existing Include Topic widget, providing access to that functionality in a more user friendly and accessible way.

Full details on this new functionality can be found in the HelpStudio online help in the "Re-using Content" section.

Analyzer functionality to identify XHTML, HTML 4 and accessibility issues
The Analyzer functionality is now available from the Analyze menu in HelpStudio when a project is open. In this initial release there are 3 project wide checks that can be run:

1) W3C Accessibility; This will examine your content for issues preventing W3C accessibility compliance;
2) HTML 4.01; This will examine your content for HTML tags and attributes that are deprecated in the HTML 4.01 spec. You may wish to run this check if your output must be HTML 4.01 spec compliant;
3) XHTML 1.0; This will examine your content for issues that would prevent your content from being validated as XHTML 1.x compliant.
The TOC node for the currently open topic is now highlighted in the web output
Standard phrases used in HelpStudio 2005 and 2008 templates are now available in 8 additional languages

Standard phrases used in the output generated by the HelpStudio 2005 and 2008 style templates (e.g. "See Also", "Glossary" and all of the phrases used in the web output toolbar and navigation elements) are now provided in 8 languages in addition to English. This is accomplished through the new Template Phrases functionality that gives each Template it's own table of phrases.

You can select the language you wish to use for standard phrases in the generated output on the Build Profile dialog, "General" page. You can also identify the phrase language to use for any Additional Locales you have defined in your project in the Locale editor.

"Include Topics modified since" value on XML Import / Export Wizard now defaults to last export date
Performance improvements across a range of functionality
This update includes performance improvements in many areas of HelpStudio. Project wide tools such as Project Find and Replace, Spell Check, Link Check and the Find Unused Images tool will execute up to 10 times faster than in Build times and performance in the Topic Content editor have also been improved.
The Ctrl-P shortcut key was blanking the open Topic editor
Ctrl-P is now a shortcut key for the inbuilt print functionality in HelpStudio and will print the current topic when in preview mode
Selecting a style for content in a table shortens the current selection
Incorrect relative image URL when selecting an image from the "New Style Rule" dialog
Runtime error during project spell check
Runtime error if an Include Topic Widget references a Topic that no longer exists in the project
Bookmarks list on the Insert Hyperlink dialog always shows bookmarks from primary locale even if editing secondary locale
Runtime error during project find and replace
Runtime error after drag and drop operation
Runtime error trying to locate an image used in content but not included on the Project Explorer
Runtime error trying to open a .hsp file that is zero length
Script error when shrinking the web output browser window beyond a certain size
Runtime error when adding a file (e.g. image) to the project that already exists in the project folder and is read only
In this situation, HelpStudio now shows an advice message and continues to add the file to the project
Incorrect margin values used when Booklet template changed on a system with a locale using a decimal character other than "."
Runtime error in topic content editor
Topics modified since last XML export are not being exported if the option set to export "modified since last export"
Loaded additional locales are unloaded when the project is checked out from source control
Dragging and dropping in the same topic creates a copy of the content instead of moving it
Search results in web output displays invalid characters in topic titles for non latin characters
Build Flags not present on topics when importing from another project
Check In Comments dialog is not displayed when checking in the project Booklets from the Project Explorer context menu
Runtime error working in a topic containing an IFRAME element
Error importing XML when the original export didn't include Project Settings
"Find Unused Images" tool was returning incorrect results for images with build flags when run directly after a build
Runtime error when deleting a Widget Type
Runtime error typing a web color value without the preceding # character into the color picker dialog
Runtime error selecting a project file from the "Most Recent" list that no longer exists
Runtime error when trying to edit a XML format page layout file
Runtime error viewing a Help 2.x compiler log
This problem happened for additional locale builds that generated Help 2.x compiler warnings or errors
Search feature in web output does not work for non latin languages (e.g. Arabic and Chinese)
Command line /lcid parameter does not work with the "all" value
Runtime error copying and pasting between table cells
Runtime error when saving a file bound to Source Control
Incorrect link in "Styles Basics" in the online help
Security warning dialog when viewing web output on HTTPS site
TOC entry that uses a project property does not use the Booklet defined value when output to the PDF bookmarks
Runtime error at HelpStudio startup
Runtime error during project spell check operation
Runtime error trying to drag and drop nodes between 2 instances of HelpStudio (this is not currently supported)
Runtime error attempting to drag and drop between HelpStudio instances (which is not supported)
Runtime error previewing a topic containing an Include Topic widget for which the target topic no longer exists
Images incorrectly flagged as "Target excluded by build flag" for a particular Build Profile when multiple build flags used
Help 2.x XML attributes defined at Topic level override rather than supplement those defined in the Build Profile / Project
Edits made to Profile Properties are not always being saved if working in an additional locale
HelpStudio was allowing a Get Latest Version source control context menu operation on a topic that was already Checked Out
Runtime error switching to HTML edit in Topic Editor
Runtime error deleting a keyword in the Project Index Editor
When opening a topic from the Project Find and Replace list the Match Case option is not correctly set
Runtime error whilst working with a table in visual edit mode
In some circumstances it was possible to start a second image capture whilst an image capture was already in progress
This could result in a runtime error when the first image capture was then completed
Runtime error when deleting multiple images
Runtime error dragging and dropping TOC nodes if the Ctrl key is still pressed
"Find in these locales" not correctly enabled if Find and Replace open when locales added or removed from the project
Navigation bar does not correctly resize when running web output in an IFRAME
Build Flags applied to TOC nodes are used to filter the TOC even if the Build Profile is set to not use Build Flags
When changed, the Build Flag color is not updated where it is used on the Project Explorer until project reloaded
Build Flags are applied to TOC nodes even if the Build Profile is set to not use Build Flags
Error creating a new template if a template has previously been created that starts with numbers
Source edit mode on the new style rule dialog does not work
Runtime error attempting to apply a build flag
When applying Build Flags to multiple selected images, the flag is only applied to the last selected image
If a project property is used in a Glossary term, the glossary groups the term under the heading "%" incorrectly
Glossary term defined differently in additional locale is not replaced correctly when used in that locale
Custom caption for "Table of Contents" set in the Booklet properties was not being used in the output