Self Help Support Resources

Direct Support

There are a number of ways you can contact us to get support:

Directly from Document! X or HelpStudio

If your support request relates to Document! X or HelpStudio, the recommended way to contact us for support is using the Support Request functionality built into Document! X and HelpStudio.

To send a support request directly from Document! X or HelpStudio, click the Support Request button on the Help and Support ribbon tab.

Sending a support request directly from the application allows you to easily include a screenshot, a copy of your configuration files and a copy of the current project if you wish.

If you have active maintenance, please include that information in your support request.


If you are unable to use the Support Request functionality direct from Document! X or HelpStudio, you can contact support directly at Please include as much detail as possible about the question or issue and include the version of Document! X or HelpStudio you are currently using and your license serial number if you have one.

If you have active maintenance, please be sure to include your maintenance number in your email.

Live Chat

Live chat is ideal for quickly following up on an existing support ticket, or asking product information questions whilst you are browsing the web site.

Access live chat using the Support and Chat box on the left hand side of the web page