/ TranslateOptions Element
In This Topic
    TranslateOptions Element
    In This Topic
    User Element Uri Element State Element ReservedFlags Element ProfanityAction Element IncludeMultipleMTAlternatives Element GenderTo Element GenderFrom Element ContentType Element Category Element Sequence TranslateOptions Element
    Category optional xs:string
    A string containing the category (domain) of the translation. Defaults to "general".
    ContentType optional xs:string
    A string containing the type of content. Either "text/html" or "text/plain". Defaults to "text/plain".
    GenderFrom optional xs:string
    GenderTo optional xs:string
    IncludeMultipleMTAlternatives optional xs:boolean
    ProfanityAction optional xs:string
    ReservedFlags optional xs:string
    State optional xs:string
    User state to help correlate request and response. The same contents will be returned in the response.
    Uri optional xs:string
    A string containing the content location of this translation.
    User optional xs:string
    A string used to track the originator of the submission.
    <xs:element name="TranslateOptions" nillable="true" type="tns:TranslateOptions" xmlns:xs="" />
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