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In This Topic
    In This Topic
    Adds an array of translations to add translation memory. This is an array version of AddTranslation().
    Request (LanguageService_AddTranslationArray_InputMessage)

    The request body is of type AddTranslationArray.

    Request Body Parameters

    NameDescriptionData Type
    User Element Uri Element State Element ReservedFlags Element ProfanityAction Element IncludeMultipleMTAlternatives Element GenderTo Element GenderFrom Element ContentType Element Category Element Sequence options Element to Element from Element TranslatedText Element Sequence Element Rating Element OriginalText Element Sequence Translation Element Sequence translations Element appId Element Sequence AddTranslationArray Element


    appId optional xs:string
    A string containing "Bearer" + " " + access token.
    translations optional ArrayOfTranslation Complex Type
    An array of translations to add to translation memory. Each translation must contain: originalText, translatedText, rating. The size of each originalText and translatedText is limited to 1000 chars. The total of all the originalText(s) and translatedText(s) must not exceed 10000 characters. The maximum number of array elements is 100.
    OriginalText xs:string
    Original text that was matched for this result. Only returned if the matched original text was different than the input text. Used to return the source text of a fuzzy match. Not returned for Microsoft Translator results.
    Rating optional xs:int
    Indicates the authority of the person making the quality decision. Machine Translation results will have a rating of 5. Anonymously provided translations will generally have a rating of 1 to 4, whilst authoritatively provided translations will generally have a rating of 6 to 10.
    Sequence optional xs:int
    TranslatedText xs:string
    The translated text.
    from optional xs:string
    A string containing the language code of the source language. Must be a valid culture name.
    to optional xs:string
    A string containing the language code of the target language. Must be a valid culture name.
    options optional TranslateOptions Complex Type

    A set of options. TranslateOptions contain: uri, category, contentType, user.

    Category optional xs:string
    A string containing the category (domain) of the translation. Defaults to "general".
    ContentType optional xs:string
    A string containing the type of content. Either "text/html" or "text/plain". Defaults to "text/plain".
    GenderFrom optional xs:string
    GenderTo optional xs:string
    IncludeMultipleMTAlternatives optional xs:boolean
    ProfanityAction optional xs:string
    ReservedFlags optional xs:string
    State optional xs:string
    User state to help correlate request and response. The same contents will be returned in the response.
    Uri optional xs:string
    A string containing the content location of this translation.
    User optional xs:string
    A string used to track the originator of the submission.
    Response (LanguageService_AddTranslationArray_OutputMessage)

    The response body is of type AddTranslationArrayResponse.

    Sequence AddTranslationArrayResponse Element


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