JQuery Validation Library (Document! X Sample)
jQuery.validator Namespace / options type / showErrors Option
In This Topic
    showErrors Option
    In This Topic
    A custom message display handler. Gets the map of errors as the first argument and and array of errors as the second, called in the context of the validator object. The arguments contain only those elements currently validated, which can be a single element when doing validation onblur/keyup. You can trigger (in addition to your own messages) the default behaviour by calling this.defaultShowErrors().
    var options; // Type:  jQuery.validator.options
    var instance; // Type:  jQuery.validator
    instance = $(".selector").validate(options);
    var value; // Type:  any
    // Get value
    value = instance.showErrors;
    // Set value
    instance.showErrors = value;
    var showErrors : any;
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