Microsoft Scripting Runtime
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    The first class, Dictionary, is fully documented, illustrating authoring of Summary, Remarks, Returns, See Also, Keywords and Example content.

    Object Model
    Folders CollectionFolder ObjectTextStream ObjectDrive ObjectFiles CollectionFile ObjectFolder ObjectFolders CollectionFolder Object
    Class ModuleDescription
    Object that stores data key, item pairs.
    Provides access to the properties of a particular disk drive or network share.
    Collection of drives associated with drive letters
    Script Encoder Object
    File object
    Collection of all File objects within a folder.
    Provides access to a computer's file system.
    Provides access to all the properties of a folder. Can be obtained from the GetFolder Method on the FileSystemObject Object.
    Collection of subfolders in a folder
    Script Encoder Interface
    Facilitates sequential access to file.
    Public Enumerations
    Returns a value indicating the type of a specified drive.
    Attributes of files or folders.
    Indicates input/output mode. Can be one of three constants: ForReading, ForWriting, or ForAppending.