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Java Documentation Made Easy

Document! X is a combination of an automated Java Documentation Tool and a full documentation authoring environment which can be used to create and maintain accurate, professional quality .Java documentation, leveraging your existing Javadoc source comments where available.

Document! X is not just an automated documentation build tool - it also includes a fully featured documentation authoring environment allowing you to author supplementary content (descriptions and remarks for Types, members, hyperlinks to related pages, example code, index kewords etc.) where required.

Document! X produces a professional quality documentation set leveraging your existing Javadoc source comments - automatically - with the ability to author additional content outside of the source code.

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Single Source Build and Publish

Your documentation projects can be built to Browser Help or CHM (Html Help 1.x). The specific requirements for the different output formats are handled for your automatically and you can build all outputs from a single project. Automatic publishing makes it quick and simple to deploy the generated output to your web site, ftp server or network location.

Sample Outputs

These sample outputs illustrate how much can be generated by Document! X right out of the box. All of the Document! X Templates are fully customizable and can be easily adapted or extended to meet your specific requirements.

Live Samples

Document Everything

Document! X doesn't just document Java Projects, it supports a wide variety of solution elements. One consistent and comprehensive toolset for all of your technical documentation requirements.

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