Innovasys HelpStudio 2015.2 Product Overview

You and your team have worked hard to create your application; analyzing requirements, designing the user interface and feature set. HelpStudio can help you make sure that your applications help system is as impressive and effective as your application.

HelpStudio is the fastest, easiest way to create and publish help systems and integrate them with your desktop or web based applications or components, including .NET. Generate help output in cross-platform plain HTML, responsive HTML for tablet and mobile, HTML Help (CHM), Help 2.x, Microsoft Help Viewer or printable PDF. Built in localization support means that you can take your help system to a global audience if required.


Author and Collaborate


 Html Help Project

 CHM File

 Help 2.x Project

 Word Document


 Html Files

Self contained single source
authoring environment

No dependencies on Word
or other editors

Integrates with Source Control
for Team Working and Version Control

 Cross Platform
Web Help

Tablet and Mobile

 Html Help (CHM)

 Help 2.x (HXS)

 Microsoft Help Viewer (MSHV)

 Pdf Booklet (PDF)

HelpStudio seamlessly combines a feature packed WYSIWYG authoring environment, Html based layout templates and customizable Content Widgets to make it simple to create and localize consistent, professional looking help systems with the minimum of effort. Help Authoring just got a whole lot easier.

Demonstration Movies

Introducing HelpStudio
Introduction to the Topic Editor
Content Editing
Introduction to Widgets
Creating re-usable content using Content Snippets
Managing and Editing Styles
Creating Pdf Booklets
Using Build Profiles to create multiple outputs
Introduction to Localization features
Introduction to Source Control
Introduction to Community Features

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Why Choose HelpStudio?

We know that you have a choice and encourage you to evaluate other help authoring products to discover for yourself the unique features that make HelpStudio an obvious choice. There are several critical features that we believe distinguish HelpStudio most:

  • User Interface: The HelpStudio Ribbon based user interface includes advanced features such as collapsible dock windows, a Tabbed MDI document area and document windows that can be floated onto secondary monitors for multi monitor support. The Tabbed MDI as implemented in HelpStudio allows you to split the document area into Tab Groups in order to work with multiple topics or other document windows side by side even on a single monitor.
  • The Template Concept: HelpStudio leverages Html based page templates so that common page elements such as page header and footers are automatically generated. This feature is a crucial time saver, and ensures that as you evolve the look and feel of your help systems you don't have to go back and rework individual topics. You can choose entirely different Templates for different outputs.
  • Tablet and Mobile Support: The responsive support in HelpStudio allows you to generate a single output that automatically adapts to the device profile; delivering an optimal browsing experience for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile from a single output. Tablet and Mobile devices benefit from buttonized links, a button based fly out Table of Contents and other automatic features that dramatically improve the end user experience.
  • Project Tools: HelpStudio can verify links, check spelling, Find / Replace and identify unused images across an entire project. All of the Project tools are integrated seamlessly and are not bolted on separate tools.
  • Content Editor: The HelpStudio content editor provides powerful authoring functionality including table editing (row, column or cell cut/copy/paste, resize), unlimited undo, hyperlink designer, build flag highlighting.  The Xhtml source editor includes intellisense and tag completion.
  • Widgets: Delivering great help content often requires a trade off between the time invested in creating dynamic content and the benefits it brings to the users of the content. With HelpStudio, you no longer need to comprimise - Widgets allow you to deliver dynamic content (e.g. drop down sections, enlarge in place images, colorized example code) without requiring any manual authoring effort and with no need to have HTML or Javascript knowledge. Simply drop a pre-defined Widget in your content and HelpStudio will take care of the rest.
  • Multi Language Authoring: HelpStudio allows you to work with any number of additional languages in addition to the primary language of your project. Define the project structure and Table of Contents just once and then localize for the additional languages. Easily switch between locales, track the localization status of any project item and work with 3rd party translation providers using the integrated Xml or XLIFF localization export and import.
  • Team working: Working in a team and want several members to contribute to or review the help system? HelpStudio has fully integrated support for Source code Control systems (Visual SourceSafe, Team Foundation Server and Subversion). Unlike other Help Authoring tools, HelpStudio does not require that you check the project in and out as a whole - individual team members can independently work with different Topics, even the Table of Contents and Glossary in the same project simultaneously. The source control functionality is integrated directly into the HelpStudio user interface.