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Introducing HelpStudio

This video provides an introduction to HelpStudio; creating topics, capturing a screenshot, conditionalizing content, creating Pdf booklets. (10 mins)

Including content managed in external sources

This movie demonstrates the External Content Sources functionality introduced in 2015.1, which enables content that you need to manage externally to be included in your project (currently Web Pages and Quip Documents). The content is obtained each time you preview or build so it is always up to date with the original source. (8 mins)

Publishing to a web site, ftp server or network location

This movie demonstrates the new Publishing functionality introduced in 2015.1. Publishing makes it easy to publish output generated by Document! X or HelpStudio to a web server or network location. A range of publishing methods are supported; you can publish to an Azure web site, a web site running on IIS, a web site that supports uploading via ftp, or directly to a local network path. (11 mins)

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

This short movie will introduce you to several handy keyboard shortcuts you can use to aid productivity in Document! X and HelpStudio. (6 mins)

Creating re-usable content using Content Snippets

This video provides an overview of leveraging the Content Snippets feature to create content that can be used in several places in your project in order to minimize duplication. (4 mins)

Introduction to Source Control

This video provides a demonstration on how to enable Source Control functionality, add a project to Source Control and access Source Control features in a Source Control enabled project. (6 mins)

Automatic optimization for Tablet and Mobile devices

This video demonstrates how the Responsive Output feature allows you to generate content that automatically adapts to the device type of the browser, providing an optimal experience for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop users from a single output. (5 mins)

Introduction to Tasks

This video provides a short introduction to the Tasks feature, demonstrating how to create Tasks, associate Tasks with items in a project and use the Project Task List (3 mins)

Introduction to Localization features

This video will demonstrate how to use the localization features by enabling localization and creating both an English and Japanese output from the Document! X .NET sample project (9 mins).

Customizing Widgets

This video demonstrates how to customize the existing widget types and how to create a custom widget (5 mins).

Image Capture And Markup

This video provides an introduction on capturing images and adding markup to them. (3 mins)

Introduction to Project Spell Check

This short video demonstrates how to use the Project Spell Check tool to check for spelling issues throughout your project content. (3 minutes)

Creating a Custom Template

This video outlines how you can create a custom Template and modify your project to use it in place of one of the standard templates. (3 mins)

Introduction to Image Editing

This video provides a short introduction to the integrated image editing features (2 mins)

Creating and applying Styles using the Style Picker

This video demonstrates how to use the Style Picker to quickly and easily define and apply styles whilst you are authoring in the Topic or Content File editors (3 mins).

Introduction to Widgets

This video provides an introduction to the Widgets functionality, outlining how they can be inserted in content and demonstrating some of the common Widget types including Drop Down Sections, Note boxes and Colorized Example Code. (4 minutes)

Managing and Editing Styles

This video provides an introduction to managing and editing styles using the built in Style Editing functionality (3 mins).

Using Build Profiles to create multiple outputs

This short video provides a demonstration of how you can configure a project to create multiple outputs from a single source, with each output driven by a separate options defined in the Build Profile. (3 minutes)

Introduction to Content Editing

This video provides an overview of the core content editing fundamentals, including using the Page Map, inserting Tables, applying formatting, defining styles and hyperlinking. (10 minutes)

Introduction to Linking

This video walks through the ways in which you can create links between content, both in conceptual Topics and Content Files. Hyperlinks, See Also links and links to .NET framework documentation are demonstrated. (5 mins)

Introduction to the Topic Editor

This video introduces some of the key fundamentals of working with the Topic Editor, including how to create and open Topics for edit, side by side editing, using the different edit views, and switching between different profiles whilst editing. (7 minutes)

Table Editing features

This video demonstrates some of the features to simplify working with tables in the content editor (4 mins).

Using the Topic List

This movie gives an overview of how to use the Topic List, including how to include and exclude columns, apply sorting and filtering and using drag and drop to re-organize Topics (4 mins)

Validating CSS Stylesheets

This movie demonstrates how to use the built in Stylesheet editor to validate a CSS stylesheet (2 mins).

Introduction to Table of Contents Editing

This movie provides an introduction to working with the Table of Contents (6 mins).

Introduction to Project Find and Replace

This video provides an overview of how Project Find and Replace can be used to search for and replace content across a whole project, including both conceptual and reference content. (3 minutes)

Introduction to Build Flags

This video provides a demonstration of how you can define and apply Build Flags along with multiple Build Profiles in order to create multiple outputs with differing content from a single project source. (8 minutes)

Creating and using a Glossary

This video will provide an overview of creating a Glossary to define terminology used in your help content, including how to add the Glossary to the Table of Contents and how to mark terms in your content so that they are automatically converted to popup Glossary Term definitions in the generated output (4 mins)

Creating Pdf Booklets

This video provides an overview of how you can easily create one or more Pdf booklets using your existing topics and project content (5 mins)

Introduction to the Project Link Verifier

This short video demonstrates how you can use the Project Verify Links tool to check for, and correct, broken links between content in your project. (4 minutes)

Introduction to Project Properties

This video will walk through the process of creating and using a custom Project Property, defining different values for the property in different Build Profiles, using the Project Property in content and previewing the different expanded value of the property for different outputs. (5 mins)

Find Unused Images

This video provides an overview of the Find Unused Images tool (2 mins)

Index Management using the Project Index Editor

This video provides an overview of using the Project Index Editor as well as a demonstration of the different ways with which you can work with Index Keywords in your project (5 mins)