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 Simplify Complex Content Features with Widgets

Widgets are a configurable and extendable library of content helpers with related resources. Using Widgets where suitable delivers a number of benefits:

  • Widgets reduce duplication of effort by allowing you to quickly create common content;
  • Widgets help to enforce consistency across your projects;
  • Widgets also allow you to separate presentation from content by defining the style and structure of common content elements;
  • Widgets are stored as XML in your content, but are authored entirely inline in the same way as your other content. 

Standard Widget Types that ship with HelpStudio include:

  • Note, Tip and Caution boxes;
  • Dynamic Image (enlarge / collapse a thumbnail image in place);
  • Colorized Example Code;
  • Include Topic (include the content of one Topics in another);
  • Expandable Text;
  • Drop down section.

Introduction to Widgets

This video provides an introduction to the Widgets functionality, outlining how they can be inserted in content and demonstrating some of the common Widget types including Drop Down Sections, Note boxes and Colorized Example Code. (4 minutes)

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