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 Glossary Editor

Creating a Glossary makes it easy for users to discover what a term means, just by clicking on it in the Topic text. Because you define the term and definition only once and leave HelpStudio to generate the Glossary topic and popup links, you avoid unnecessary effort and duplication.

By simply wrapping uses of defined Glossary terms in Topic Content with double dollar symbols, HelpStudio will replace the term with a clickable link which will display the definition of the term in a popup window in the generated Help System.

Example Glossary Popup

Creating and using a Glossary

This video will provide an overview of creating a Glossary to define terminology used in your help content, including how to add the Glossary to the Table of Contents and how to mark terms in your content so that they are automatically converted to popup Glossary Term definitions in the generated output (4 mins)

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