Document! X - documentation made easy

Click here for examplesDocument! X automates the process of creating, publishing and maintaining documentation for a wide range of solution elements:

  • .NET Framework Assemblies (.NET Framework 1.0 - 4.6, Silverlight);
  • Compiled COM Components and Controls;
  • COM Type Libraries;
  • Java Projects;
  • Access, SQL Server, Oracle and other Databases with an OLEDB driver;
  • Xml Schemas (Xsd files or implied Xml Schemas from Xml files);
  • Javascript (plain Javascript, jQuery plugins and jQuery UI Widgets);
  • Web Services (REST or SOAP);

Demonstration Movies

Document! X integration with Visual Studio
Creating .NET documentation with Document! X
Creating Database documentation with Document! X
Creating COM documentation with Document! X
Creating Javascript documentation with Document! X
Creating Web Service documentation with Document! X
Creating XSD Schema documentation with Document! X
Creating Java documentation with Document! X

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Why use Document! X?

Developing accurate documentation, particularly for complex components or database schemas, has traditionally been a time consuming, costly and skills intensive task. Documentation during development can be seen as a moving target and at the end of a project developers are often immediately re-assigned to new development tasks, which can leave most projects poorly documented.

With Document! X, documentation can be automatically produced throughout design and development without requiring investment of developer resources, providing development teams with an accurate and up to date reference and allowing new developers to jump the learning curve of new components and schemas. Document! X makes producing documentation a natural and productive activity for developers and technical writers alike.

Document! X is the documentation tool chosen by world leading component companies including Infragistics, ComponentOne, GrapeCity, Dundas, Janus Systems and Telerik for their commercial documentation requirements.

Document! X Application Window with .NET Content File Editor open

Document! X Application Window with .NET Content File Editor open

Content Authoring

The revolutionary authoring tools included in Document! X allow you to author additional content directly within a preview of the automatically generated page - seamlessly combining the benefits of automated documentation with fully featured authoring tools.

The same 'Full Page Edit' functionality is available within the Visual Studio® 2010-2015 environments - allowing you to author and maintain your Visual Basic .NET, C# or C++/CLI source code comments directly within a preview of how the generated documentation will look.

In addition to making use of Visual Basic .NET, C#, C++/CLI, Java and Javascript source code comments, Document! X can use comments from Transact-SQL code, SQL Server extended attributes, Type Library HelpStrings and Xml Schema (Xsd) annotations.

Visual Studio Integration

Document! X integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio. Documentation Projects can be created, opened and built directly from your Visual Studio solution.

Visual Comment editors are included for creating and maintaining your source code comments in Visual Basic .NET, C# and C++/CLI source code. Content can be authored both in source code comments and in Content Files using the Document! X Content Tools. This approach makes it easy to make post-development edits and author additional content outside of the source code.


The template based configuration that Document! X is based on makes it easy to:

  • Create new content types (e.g. change history, fixed bugs);
  • Adapt existing templates to match your existing corporate style and color scheme;
  • Customize Table of Contents definitions according to your requirements;
  • Fine tune the standard phrases and terminology used by Document! X to match your standards. Document! X ships with in-built support for English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Russian language output.