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Community Features Overview

Community Extensions is a companion product for Document! X and HelpStudio that enables a range of Community Features to be automatically and seamlessly included in the Help Systems you generate.

Community Extensions features require the Community Extensions ASP.NET web application, which can be installed on your own Windows Server or Desktop machine.

A setup free evaluation server is provided to enable you to evaluate Community Extensions without any server setup. Simply enable Community Extensions on the Community page in the Build Profile editor in Document! X or HelpStudio.

Use the links on the sidebar to the left to view example help systems containing Community Extensions features.

Community Features


Community Extensions was designed with simplicity in mind - both from the perspective of implementing Community Features in your Help Systems, and from a perspective in using the Community Features. In addition to the ease of implementation and use, Community Extensions offers several important benefits over other ways that you may be considering implementing Community Features.

Push button implementation

Seamlessly integrated

Help System integration

Portable content

Versioning flexibility

Moderation and notification