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In This Topic
    ParameterDetail Metadata Element
    In This Topic
    Outputs a formatted list of parameters for a particular item.

    This Metadata Element can only be used in Page Types or Scraps that relate to the Java Documentation Item Types listed below. (more info)

    • Method
    Use in Page Types or scraps that do not relate to these specific Item Types may result in unexpected output or documentation build errors.
    booleanSet to True to include a parameter for the property type (when documenting property parameters).
    booleanSet to True if generating parameter detail for an indexer property.
    langThe language for which the parameters should be formatted.
    booleanSet to True to prevent surrounding brackets from being output around the parameter detail.
    booleanSet to True to prevent carriage returns from being added to the generated output.
    textThe List Scrap name to use for formatting the parameter list.
    For members other than indexer properties, the Scraps {Language}_PARAMETERS_HEADER, {Language}_PARAMETERS_FOOTER and {Language}_PARAMETERS_BODY are used to format the output. For indexer properties, the Scraps {Language}_INDEXER_HEADER, {Language}_INDEXER_FOOTER and {Language}_INDEXER_FOOTER_INDEXER_BODY are used. If there are no parameters, the {Language}_EMPTY_PARAMETERS Scrap is used.