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Generate professional, accurate and up to date reference documentation for .NET assemblies, COM components and type libraries, Web APIs and Services, Java, databases (Access, SQL Server, Oracle, OLE DB), XSD XML schemas and JavaScript.

Leverage existing source content: .NET XML comments, type library help descriptions, database descriptions, Web Service descriptions, XSD descriptions, Java source comments, JavaScript XML or JsDoc comments can be automatically used if required.

Author additional content in an unmatched Visual Editor that allows you to edit directly within a preview of the generated page.

Integrate the documentation you generate with the Visual Studio help system or Java IDE to provide instant F1 access to the help content you have created.

Publish content to the web; all major browsers on desktop, tablet and mobile are supported. Automatically upload to Azure, an IIS Web Site, an FTP site or a network location.

Import your existing XHTML files, CHM help files, Word documents and RoboHelp projects.

Author in an unmatched single source authoring environment with no dependencies on Word or other editors. Use Build Flags, Build Profiles and Rules to generate multiple output from a single project source.

Collaborate with your team, integrating with your existing source control software.

Localize your content to multiple languages within a single project. Export/import content for translation/localization in industry standard XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange Format).

Output from a single project to cross-platform web help , tablet and mobile device format, CHM (compiled HTML help) , Visual Studio (Help 2.x and Microsoft Help Viewer) and PDF . Automatically upload to Azure, an IIS Web Site, an FTP site or a network location.

Developers and technical writers worldwide trust
Innovasys for their software documentation and help authoring needs.

Dean Guida President, Infragistics

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen Group Program Manager, Microsoft

Document! X has saved us a huge amount of time, effort and cost by automating the production of reference documentation for all of our Microsoft .NET components.

We are very impressed with the Document! X product and would not hesitate to recommend it to any .NET component developer or development team.

Managing documentation as part of developing software can be a surprisingly complex process. With HelpStudio we were able to create and maintain high-quality up-to-date documentation in a short amount of time and with very little overhead.

The flexibility of the HelpStudio made it easy to manage even complex tasks including localization and inclusion of "live" code snippets.